WADA, BOA at loggerheads

2011-11-21 10:07

Montreal -The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is at loggerheads with the British Olympic Association (BOA), declaring that the latter's insistence on a lifetime ban for drugs cheats is in violation of global anti-doping laws.

WADA's foundation board met in Montreal and declared that the British stance gave it no other option than to declare the BOA "non-compliant," in theory putting the London Games at risk.

WADA said some 50 signatories were non-compliant, including the BOA.

"So the British Olympic Association was declared non-compliant."

The BOA, which insists it is "vigorously" behind maintaining its policy, want to test their right to keep lifetime bans in place and plan to take their case to the Lausanne-based Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

The International Olympic Committee lost a case over their ruling that athletes caught doping should miss the next Olympics in London in 2012 even if bans handed down to them had expired, and WADA regards this as a legal basis which would require the BOA likewise to drop lifetime bans from their anti-doping rules.

BOA chairman Colin Moynihan said in Lausanne last week that Britain would stick to its tough line against dopers.

But WADA president John Fahey defended the ruling and criticised Moynihan for claims that current anti-doping sanctions were "toothless" and further claims that WADA had failed to catch the worst drugs cheats.

"I'm very disappointed that it's come to this," said Fahey

"I believe that WADA has acted very properly from the moment that we got news of the Court of Arbitration for Sport decision.

"We asked them (the BOA) to consider their decision.

"We had their decision conveyed to us through a vitriolic spray in a speech that was circulated to everyone except us earlier this week."

Associations which are declared non-compliant are not supposed to host major events, including most notably the Olympics, under WADA regulations.

Fahey said he would not speculate on whether London 2012 might lose out as a result of the standoff.