Urban Sessions go to town

2010-09-20 16:42

Johannesburg - This is the Urban Sessions, a weekend-long celebration of ultra-urban culture and sport.

Skate, BMX, freestyle soccer, underground soccer, b-boying, parkour, speed climbing, wake-skating, canvas graffiti, bands and artists - all in one place.

It is taking the old-school carnival, ripping out the jugglers, stilt walkers, candy machines, rickety wooden stalls, the fading Big Top and plugging in skate pipes, rails, breakdance vynyl floors, soccer cages, stages and lights.

BMXers pull backflips above you, freestyle footballers levitate and coil soccer balls around their bodies like magic, b-boy dancers spin, filp and jackknife, and the band sets up on the main stage before the gathering crowd.

Local and international pros, hopeful wildcards, enthusiasts and fans compete, jam in open sessions or watch as these athletes push themselves for the biggest air, the sharpest 360’s, the longest headspins and the most impressive sets for the prizes and the crowd.

Attendance is free of charge.

The first Urban Session is happening at Brightwater Commons in Randburg, on September 24 and 25, the Friday and Saturday of the long weekend, from 10am each morning.

From the skate park to the pavilion tent and all in between is being transformed into an urban playground for 2 full days. There will be competitions, pro demos, bands, performers, shows and lounges.

The top athletes in each sport are competing at each of the three Urban Session events in 2010 to earn points to see who wins each Urban Session and who are the overall Urban Sessions winners.

The second Urban Session is at The Glen from October 29 – 31, filling the new rooftop parking area with the lights, sights and sounds of festivity.

The third and final Urban Session for the year is at Stoneridge Mall from December 5 – 7 , kicking off the summer celebrations as we say ‘cheers, and thanks for playing,’ to the year 2010.

Participation in the skate, bmx, freestyle, wakeskate and b-boy competitions have been entered through their national organisations, while the underground soccer is taking registration on their website –

More details on times, prizes, headline bands and athletes that will be attending is available on the website