Lemond attacks Lance again

2010-07-17 16:57

Hamburg - Former Tour de France champion Greg LeMond reiterated doping accusations against fellow-American rider Lance Armstrong and accused the ruling body UCI of remaining silent.

LeMond said in an interview with Saturday's edition of Germany's Sueddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) daily that Armstrong had submitted a positive doping test in 1999, the year he won his first of seven straight Tour titles.

He alleged donations to the UCI by Armstrong, two of them now confirmed by the ruling body and worth $125 000, were effectively corruption, saying: "Remain silent, pay - it's almost like the mafia."

LeMond said that Armstrong and his entourage were the worst thing that has happened to the sport and also said that his retirement in 2005 (before his return last year) only came after reports that retests of 1999 samples had been positive for the blood booster EPO.

"If he was an ordinary rider, and not a cancer survivor with a machinery surrounding him, he would be long gone," LeMond told SZ.

A US federal probe is under way after another American rider, Floyd Landis (who was stripped of the 2006 Tour title for failing a doping test), accused Armstring and others of organized doping.

LeMond, who has been reportedly ordered to appear before a Grand Jury on July 30, said the affair was far worse the around the Balco lab in California which supplied athletes like sprinter Marion Jones with designer drugs.

But LeMond is convinced that Armstrong, who is currently riding the Tour, will be caught.

"I am convinced that Armstrong will be caught. He is history. But when the federation is also affected, the UCI - and I believe this is possible - then it will become even more interesting," said LeMond.

The Three-time Tour champion LeMond, who has been at odds with Armstrong for years, alleged that the UCI had acted like the catholic church in abuse cases in the United States and elsewhere.

"I don't know if I should use the comparison, but it reminds me of the catholic church and the abuse victims. There the top had to be replaced as well because they all knew about it - and did nothing.

"The same happened in cycling: Everyone was part of the dirty game, and no one says 'let's clean up the house!," said LeMond.

LeMond also said that Armstrong had not threatened legal action this time around as he had done around past doping allegations.

"Floyd is telling the truth. And they know it, he (Armstrong), the other suspects, their lawyers," said LeMond.Author: Andreas Zellmer, Benjamin Haller.


  • martin - 2010-07-17 17:24

    Get over yourself LeMond...idiot.

  • Paul - 2010-07-17 18:29

    I will never forget the tour of 1989. What a spectacle to behold. The inspiration. That final time trial in the 1989 tour was majestic and truly inspirational. I will never forget the joy on Greg Lemond's face just when he found out he had just won the tour by eight seconds. It is something I will never forget. What a true champion Lemond was. An incredible athlete. An honest athlete. Lets get cycling cleaned up once and for all. Long live Lemond.

  • THE PUNISHER - 2010-07-17 18:54

    Since Armstrong started winning the Tour, I told the Armstrong supporters that he uses steroids. When the use of EPO by Armstrong 1st surfaced by the mouth of the ex team doctor, I knew I was right. But as the article say, it sounds like the UCI did cover it up. Still a great achievement to make it 7times. But for sure Armstrong is the biggest cheat in sports history if at last he is caught out

  • Erwin - 2010-07-17 19:13

    Yeah get over it lemonz! Jealousy is such a bad word!

  • rey - 2010-07-17 19:32 are a sad little man.

  • John - 2010-07-17 20:17

    @Martin - u the real idiot for supporting a cheat. For Mr Armstrong, i do admire his charity work but i think it is time for him to come clean and admit his mistakes. Keep the sport free of EPO and other enhancing drugs which really don't do the sport of cycling any justice. With more stories coming to the fore it seems as tho Mr Armstrong's days are numbered!!

  • Tim - 2010-07-17 23:12

    It's hard to believe that the old riders, including LeMond, didn't cheat. How long have drugs been rampant in cycling, and until recently, testing was a bluff. What's terrible now is everyone comes out acting like some sort of saint - like they're trying to clean up the sport. It's blatantly obvious they only want money. I feel stupid for believing and contributing to Landis. His upbring suggested credibility and I can only hope some sort of fraud case is brought against him. At least force his parents to pay for the lies of their son. Landis is a drug-using car dealer...

  • laBici - 2010-07-17 23:57

    @martin @rey. You 2 know nothing about cycling. so shut the f^%k up! LeMond is folk hero to those of us who have followed cycling since the 60s. He knows of what he speaks. Lance should have quit at 5. But no, he had to flaunt it. His days are numbered. PS notice how guilt, has caused him to lose focus and hence his many falls and crashes! Lance has a lot on his mind right now. ;-)

  • Oooi - 2010-07-18 11:53

    You are aware that cyclists are being tested by different agencies for each country they go to, and they are not all tied to the UCI? You should also be aware that they test top cyclists' DNA, blood and urine. They are looking for the slightest irregularity these days, not even a positive test for something like "steriods". Lemond had quite remarkable power and recovery abilities, and for someone so focussed on "technology", I cannot think why he should be clean??? A leader in using new equipment, but not trying out some new 'vitamins'... Come on... in 1989, I would like to see his bloodwork from the 89 tour

  • Dave - 2010-07-18 13:37

    So what drugs was Lemond using in 1989 when he made up so much time. And as for Landis being a credible witness, not. He spent millions fighting the case against him and proclaiming his innocence, even going to far as to break into a laboratory to prove that samples can be tainted. Now he admits being a doper and suddenly every other rider on his team, who have never returned a positive test are also guilty. And remember, the so called "positive" test for Armstrong surfaced on a re-test run by a French tabloid who hate Armstrong for dominating "their" race that their riders can't win.

  • GiGi - 2010-07-18 15:30

    Lemond is a crazy, crazy little man.

  • Tim - 2010-07-18 18:28

    Who knows what LeMond could have been juiced up on. It's wouldn't be a surprise at all given that so many riders in those tours he participated in admitted to using drugs. And to boot, they couldn't even detect most of that stuff then, and no one stores blood for decades. That said, testing Armstrong's old samples in the modern-age, which seems to be the popular idea, is actually not even scientifically correct. Stuff decomposes in the fridge and isotopes decay. You can't freeze blood and get a real results afterwards because everything crashes out of solution. Would you trust the a chicken stored in the crisper for 10 years? It's biological, man. Frankly, LeMond and Landis have such obvious motives... MONEY. Neither of them capitalized on their stories. When LeMond was at any height of influence, he could've laid law on sex-abuse. He chose to do nothing until Landis leaked he acts like some sort of patron for those who have that same cruel fate. It's a private matter, true, but he wasn't the only one. Landis, what a joke. What a greedy drug-using car dealer. Sell you a lemon of a story, and for years too. How could he have a website boldly proclaiming "A Real American Hero" and "See how they convicted an innocent man" and now want to clear his mind???? What was in his mind when they were designing that website? He took it down now, and I feel bad for that sucker Brent Kay. The timing makes the motives of these two swabs clear. And for Armstrong's performance?? It's human. Let me go to the press of your hometown and everyday say that you committed crime X and you have no way of defending it because you're preparing for a big presentation or meeting or some other really important life detail... chances are you'll have a bad performance at that detail - that is unless you're doping.

  • namax - 2010-07-19 01:27

    Good Lord laBici......if Lemond is a folk hero to you, you should quit now. I've known him since his third in the Circuit des Ardennes. Lets be clear - there was no drug testing then. I applaud an American athlete keeping up with the Euros, buts lets not pretend he did it cleanly. Of course he didn't. there was no testing then. He's not even on the same page as today's top tour riders.

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