Landis: I saw Lance doping

2010-07-24 07:40

Los Angeles - Disgraced cyclist Floyd Landis says he witnessed first hand former American team-mate Lance Armstrong using performance-enhancing drugs, including receiving transfusions for blood doping.

Speaking on an episode of the American news magazine show, ABC's 'Nightline' on Friday, Landis reiterated his sweeping allegations against Armstrong.

Landis, who at first denied then admitted using performance enhancing drugs, said it would take up too much time to go into specifics about every time he saw Armstrong using drugs.

"Rather than go into the entire detail of every single time I have seen it yes, I saw Lance Armstrong using drugs," Landis told Nightline.

"If I am taking on Lance Armstrong then that should be evidence that there is a problem with the system, because I am saying it - a bunch of people did it.

"Look. At some point people have to tell their kids that Santa Claus isn't real. I hate to be the guy to do it, but it's just not real."

Asked during the 90 minute interview if he ever saw Armstrong receiving transfusions? Landis answered, "Yes." When asked if he saw Armstrong transfuse more than once, Landis answered, "Yes, multiple times."

Armstrong won a record seven Tour de France titles and is racing now in what he says will be his final Tour.

Armstrong has vehemently denied the doping allegations.

A federal grand jury has issued subpoenas to several members of the now-defunct Armstrong-led US Postal Service team.

Landis says he witnessed widespread cheating among the US Postal team members during his stint from 2002-04.

"Lance Armstrong handed me some testosterone patches," Landis said. "It's just a little patch that you put on your skin. It is not like it's a -- I mean, a blood transfusion is a bit more dramatic. It is a large needle. And it's blood. But a patch that delivers testosterone. A trans-dermal patch."

Armstrong has hired a criminal defence lawyer to represent him against a federal probe looking into allegations of possible doping violations.

Armstrong's lawyer Tim Herman told ABC that his client has undergone about 300 drug tests in his cycling career and has never failed one.

"I know (Armstrong) to be an athlete that comes along once every couple of generations," Herman said. "He is extremely focused. He's gifted physically in ways that are very unique and he is disciplined, dedicated. He's the hardest working athlete I've ever been around. But he is also extremely devoted and committed to his cancer work."

The federal investigation was sparked by earlier accusations from Landis in a series of e-mails sent to cycling and doping officials earlier this year.

Former Armstrong team-mate Tyler Hamilton was issued a subpoena on Friday to appear before the grand jury. Hamilton's lawyer said they would co-operate with the grand jury.

Landis is competing as an independent at an cycling event this week in Oregon.


  • Shahied - 2010-07-24 08:16

    Always said American athletes are all fake and plastic.They try te be the best in everything they doubt the " BEST CHEATS IN THE WORLD " !!

  • Owen - 2010-07-24 08:17

    Come now Lance. Time to admit!

  • Donovan - 2010-07-24 08:19

    What people fail to realise is yes, tour de france riders do "dope", but this is a perfectly acceptable practise in the eyes of the UCI. The "acceptable" levels for testosterone and EPO at professional level are far higher than normal human beings. So when they say that Armstrong tested negative it doesn't mean he didn't take performance enhancers - it just means he didn't take too much of them. I would go so far as to say that every single rider in the tour de france takes some sort of performance enhancer. The statement Landis should be making should rather be that testing levels are unrealistic and not in the spirit of the sport.

  • Snakebite - 2010-07-24 08:23

    Typical loser - wants to drag everyone else down with him. If they havent been able to prove that Lance doped after all these years it is obvious that he did not.Suffer ass hole!

  • Dave - 2010-07-24 08:53

    We need Armstrong to be clean. It will destroy a lot fo good work and a legend if he has been cheating. if he has been cheating. send the bastard to jail for robbing all of us.

  • Richard Anderson - 2010-07-24 09:04

    Cycling has never been clear of all of the drama of doping...Fact. Armstrong has never tested positive...Fact. Landis has tested positive, denied it, then admitted it...this too is a fact. So when a guy who clearly has issues with the truth now wants to clear his conscience by doing the right thing, I have to say that I personally have a problem with his motive. Landis to me sounds like the grumpy child who has been left out of the soccer game, and now goes running to teacher with tatter-tales, almost in an attempt to make the other kids regret their decision. He is now the bully of the playground, and this all started with his teams exclusion from the Tour of California, had he been allowed to compete nobody would have had to hear his threats and confessions...instead he threatened the organisers that if he were not allowed to compete he would go public with all this. Sound like a man trying to clear his conscience? I dont think just sounds like a spoilt child trying to get his way at all costs, or bring as many people down with him as possible at any cost, even the truth. Landis pleaded with the world to believe his innocence, funds to assist in his fight to prove his innocence were donated by a loyal fan base, who were then shocked when he came clean with the truth. Nice, lie to those who support you. You carry on Flloyd, I dont believe a word you say, but it sure is entertaining listening to the rubbish you come up with.

  • jacq - 2010-07-24 09:46

    Shahied, like your country is so great! You r a bunch of idiots, i mean look at the middle east and north africa! Go ride your donkey!

  • GDB - 2010-07-24 09:53

    I think the Clemens and Armstrong are going to be doing some jail time. Whilst the Yank sportsmen and women have been found wanting due to doping at least there are very very few who have sold there teams and country down the river like the Indian cricketers, Hansie and Herschel.

  • Louie - 2010-07-24 09:55

    I am disgusted at the comments made by Landis. Lance Armstrong is one of the best sportsmen in history, on the bike and off the bike. He has worked harder than anyone to acheive what he has. If someone disgraces him now, think of the impact that would have on the Livestrong foundation! What about all the people involved in that? If Armstrong's name gets blemished, Livestrong will go down, and THAT would truly be a tragedy!

  • marius - 2010-07-24 10:07

    All professional sport is corrupt. It is a matter of fact. But this ,what his face, Landis is a clown....

  • LEGALISE NOW - 2010-07-24 10:27

    The demands of the tour are such that every 'emaciated' athelete uses a range of performance enhancers. Constant B12 injections, fluids, ATP & muscle motor enhancing minerals (iron, magnesium etc) and immune boosting vitamins are intravenously given. Giving blood pre race forces the body to manufactor more red blood cells and recieving blood greatly increases oxygen carring capacity. This process cannot be policed. When athletes are caught they have typically tested positive for cocaine or steroids. Lance cannot be faulted. He races in a performance enhancing culture and excelled with all things being considered equal because he was a master tactician.

  • Nix - 2010-07-24 10:30

    "...said it would take up too much time to go into specifics about every time he saw Armstrong using drugs." He'd better go into specifics if he's going to accuse the best cyclist in the world of doping. Otherwise he sounds like what he is - a bitter loser busted for cheating.

  • Glen - 2010-07-24 10:55

    Well here we have a clear case of people idolizing their hero and not wanting to consider the possibilities. Just because he was tested and found clean does not mean that he did not take enhancers. The game has always been, and still is, a contest between the drug takers trying to keep one step ahead of the testers. You have to ask yourself the following questions, especially bearing in mind how much money is involved: 1) Over all those years, what % of people in the Tour de France, particulary in the top 20, do you think took some form of illegal drugs.(If you are slightly delusional and believe that professional cycling was predominantly clean then don't forget to take your medication). 2) Do you have any idea how much improvement these performance enhancers help? If not, do some reading and find out! 3) Is it possible that Lance won 7 times against other world class athletes, many on drugs, while he was totally clean. Highly unlikely! Now someone (on his team) says they saw him involved in illegal stuff .... is there a possibility, in fact, probability. You have to be extremely naive to still answer no to that.

  • Realist - 2010-07-24 10:58

    Cycling is a dopers sport , you cannot do what they expect of you without doping. So trying to discredit lance when the whole cyclingworld dopes is a joke. You will never clean up the sport ,because the sponsors generate money by being better than the rest , you need to become superhuman, and doping is just one of the tricks. ALL sports use drugs. @shahied, i detect a bit of anti imperialism there. Stop behaving predictably,you have been brainwashed. Remeber the ones with the best doctors win.

  • Nix - 2010-07-24 11:16

    Glen: Anything is possible but where's the proof???

  • Chris - 2010-07-24 12:52

    Who cares? Sooner or later we all take Viagra.

  • HELEN LOGIE - 2010-07-24 13:41

    Landis must go play with himself in the traffic - he is not worth the old shoes that Lance wears. He was proved out and out that he is a doper. Lance has never been proved beyond doubt that he is guilty of doping. Landis just let up and let Lance go out on a high - he is my hero - always will be - LANCE WALK WITH YOUR HEAD HELD HIGH

  • Joeman - 2010-07-24 14:11

    I remember when the eastern bloc countires were accused of doping and no one wanted to compete against the particularly western athletes. They even boycotted the Moscow olympics, whatever the reason. And the they are caght in the largest doping scandal ever. Flojo died of a heart attack.. Ben johnson. and a whole host of others . Do i think lance doped of course he doped, He waa just Lucky not to get caught. but two of his compatriots have now put a cloud over his squeacky clean image, in fact he was labelled a bully boy by some. 'my lawyers will get even with you..'

  • FormerCyclingPro - 2010-07-24 14:23

    Was Armstrong head and shoulders above the rest? Yes he was. It is a level playing field out there, so at the end of the day everyone is using "gear" to compete. As for Armstrong doping in front of Landis, total cr@p. Armstrong is the single most meticulous person on the planet when it comes to his racing, so the idea of him sitting injecting/infusing/transfusing in front of Landis is absurd. Landis claimed the team bus pulled over and all of the guys sat and loaded up their EPO? Why then? Where was this, Roswell? Trust me that would never happen. And he claims that Armstrongs ex wife handed him a box of E P R E X on Lance's behalf? Anyone in the business knows that that story just does not stick! You mean to tell me that Landis got to the pinnacle of cycling, and then was just handed a box of EPO that any monkey could get from a pharmacy, and then told to inject it intravenously? PLEASE!! Where's Santa Floyd?! Does he exist as well? Contador is the current hero, but even he is linked to Operacion Puerto with his blood...and he still refuses to collaberate. Mind you, in his position I would have done the same. All sport is doped, dont believe for one second that your favourite players/contestants are the angelic beings you believe. Cycling is so difficult, and so underpaid in comparison to other sports...I do feel for the guys...and Lance won with everyone on the same page.

  • brad - 2010-07-24 14:29

    Lance is the most tested athlete of all time. Read his ex-wife's biography, it is shocking. The doping testers would wake them up at all hours of night to test him, arrive at anytime with surprise tests, test him on holiday etc etc. Not a sniff of anything. Landis however, is a clear cheat.

  • Glen - 2010-07-24 17:15

    Nix: of course there is no proof yet ... but there is certainly enough reason for some investigation. My point is that there is enough ... and instead of jumping blindly to his defence as most people do, demonizing anyone who makes a claim against him, people should accept that there is doubt and wait until after the investigation. I mean, after all, Landis might be telling the truth. Does not mean to say that Armstrong is a bad person if he did and that he was not the best cyclist in the world. It just means that cycling is a crooked sport.

  • Cycling is NOT A DOPING SPORT - 2010-07-24 18:33

    1. Cycling does not hide the fact that some cyclists are being caught. Rugby let them rest for 6 weeks - Pierre Spies, Schalk Burger both had life threatening problems - 6 weeks later they recover and play again. 2, Cycling does not do their own testing as with Soccer, Rugby, Tennis, Golf etc. They are INDEPENDENTLY TESTED by International anti Doping Agency 3. Cycling has implemented a BIOLOGICAL PASSPORT where any change in you blood composition is immediately picked up. 4. Cycling is the only sport with OUT OF SEASON TESTING. 5. Doping tests at cyling doesn't only mean you have to pee in a bottle as is the case with all the other major sports - Hockey, Cricket, Soccer, Gimnastics, Athletics etc.. Blood samples are taken to test FOR ALL POSSIBLE ENHANCERS. THIS IS THE REASON WHY CYCLING IS BEING SEEN AS A SPORT THAT DOPES - BECAUSE THE GOVERNING BODY NAMES AND SHAMES - DOSNT MATTER WHO THE OFFENDER IS!!! Operation Puerto in Spain exposed several cyclists, but when it became known that a specific Tennis Player might be involved, all evidence were made non available - WHY? PRESSURE FROM NADAL CAMP MAYBE?

  • FormerCyclingPro - 2010-07-25 11:24

    Is Floyd Landis telling the truth? Yes, and no...reason I say is because his stories dont make any sense, as sensational as they may sound. If he said, "I saw Lance recieve a transfusion while at the Doctors rooms, which was then monitored by the same Doc's over a period of time"-then I would believe him. Instead, he is trying to make it sound like he was coerced into the doping in my opinion. The fact that he claims he was given a box of E***X and told to inject it intravenously is absurd. It tells me one of 2 things, either he had never done it before and is trying to sound innocent to a degree. Or that he simply knew he was given E***X by Doctors and that would suggest that he willingly participated in the doping regime. As far as I am concerned, the first scenario where he was just given the box would prove that most junior riders know more about EPO than a seasoned TDF pro. @CYCLING IS NOT A DOPING SPORT, you are very correct, cycling has introduced the Bio-pass, but it is flawed. Not the test per say, but the rules around it. Riders have to give consent, and there are numerous legal loopholes around it. But as you said, Cycling is the heavy weight when it comes to testing, especially with the out of season testing. Which is yet another area of suspicion on the Landis claims regarding Armstrong. He claimed that he looked after Lance's Spanish apartment where he had to monitor the temperature of the stored EPO. WADA would have made that their first stop in an out of season test, and armed with police they would have searched the apartment and found the gear. The last place any pro is going to stash his gear is in his personal apartment! Thats why they hit the Doctors rooms in these that being said, I dont believe Landis for one second. He is trying to make it sound plausible. All the sports are loaded with gear, and cycling uses a different type in contrast to rugby, cricket and the such. But I think the doping is more rife in other sports, because of the profile and because of the lax in testing. It is very sad, and I personally wish it was containable. But it never will be when there's $$ on the finish line.

  • David - 2010-08-03 20:54

    I always thought that Lance Armstrong was 'clean'. But some time back I saw him interviewed by Larry King - don't remember the exact date. King asked him straight out if he would confirm that he had never taken drugs. Armstrong confirmed it, but there was the most fractional, minute, hint in his facial features and eyes that he was not telling the truth. Since then I have always had two minds about it. Try and find the interview. There was just something there that told me something was not right.

  • Sir Lancelot - 2010-08-04 12:47

    If the French, who were hell bent on proving LA's a doper couldn't cut it despite their very best efforts (many of which are highly questionable), there is NO WAY that the Americans, who now have to rely on perjurers' and bought ex-cyclists' testimony (not to mention all the other tainted 'evidence') can prove anything against Armstrong. Why is it suddenly, after all these years, such a priority for them? I smell a political rat. Lance has mentioned the possibility of entering politics. Since many people with political aspirations and interests feel threatened by his popularity and clout, the obvious answer is to attempt to officially discredit him. Remember, nothing is as it seems.

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