Lance in hot water over shirt

2010-07-26 20:31

London - Lance Armstrong and his team RadioShack will face disciplinary proceedings for breaching riders' clothing regulations during the Tour de France, the International Cycling Union (UCI) said in a statement on Monday.

The American, who was diagnosed with cancer before going on to win seven successive Tours from 1999-2005 and returning to the sport in 2009, was riding the famous race for the last time and attempted to wear a black Livestrong shirt instead of his team's red and grey strip during the final day on Sunday.

The 38-year-old was halted from publicising his Livestrong foundation by wearing the new jerseys with the number 28 - a reference to the estimated 28 million people living with cancer - which delayed the start of the race, though he did wear it on the podium at the end.

"RadioShack's incorrect behaviour led to a 20-minute delay to the start of the final stage, which could have disrupted the televised coverage of the race, placing the Commissaires under the obligation to impose a fine on each rider and the team managers," the statement read.

"The UCI regrets that an initiative for a cause as worthy as the fight against cancer was not coordinated beforehand with the Commissaires and organisers of the event. This could have been done whilst remaining within the rules."

RadioShack's Belgian boss Johan Bruyneel, a former rider, was unhappy about the decision and is also in trouble with the UCI for the following comments posted on his Twitter site: "To be a race commissaire you don't need brains, but only know the rules."

"The UCI also deplores the declarations made by Mr Johan Bruyneel who gravely offended all the Commissaires working in cycling. His remarks are utterly unacceptable, and Mr Bruyneel will be called upon to answer for his comments before the UCI Disciplinary Commission," the statement added.

The UCI added that any fines levied as a result of this matter would be donated to the LSC (Ligue suisse contre le cancer - Swiss Cancer League).


  • GT - 2010-07-27 01:21

    I wonder what shirt he is going to wear to his congressional hearings?

  • Not an Armstrong fan - 2010-07-27 06:05

    Lances behavior was nothing unusual. He is so arrogant and stupid; yet at the same time clever enough to know how to get so much airtime exposure with the whole delay and shirt changing debacle.It is the attitude of:"So we can't wear our shirts...well because I am such a big deal and can always get the medias attention, lets drag the whole thing out...that way we WILL get our message across". Sad thing with Lance he thinks he is the be all and end all in life. He does not know who is the BOSS! God is greater than him.He needs to get off his pedestal and eat humble pie.

  • wiggles - 2010-07-27 07:33

    I agree with the comments made by Mr Johan Bruyneel To be a race commissaire you don't need brains, but only know the rules." Lance has done more for cycling than any other cyclist, iwould not be watching the tour de France if it was not for Lance. He gives his life and soul and money to Livestrong to help people and families with Cancer. How about the commissaire providing a listof what they provide to a good cause. Oh hold on most probably nothing. I say good for you Lance and team. keep up the good work and keep up promoting cycling as the tour de France is no longer on my list of sports to watch on tv.

  • Joe - 2010-07-27 08:41

    Lance is a junkie. Should change his Livestrong foundation to Living-a-Lie foundation.

  • cbrunsdon - 2010-07-27 08:42

    Lance was not going to win (again) so he had to get the limelight somehow.

  • Gottago - 2010-07-27 08:53

    Lance was a cycling great but his behaviour since his big "comeback" has done his reputation more bad than good. For fans standing and waiting on the route in Paris on Sunday the message he wanted to send got lost in their frustration. It is time for him to bow out - now sadly no longer as a champion but as a has-been.

  • Louise - 2010-07-27 08:56

    goodbye Lance, you are NOT above the rules. Looking forward to a brand new era, Andy Schleck and a herd of other youngsters. If one just watched because of mr armstrong.....well, you probably don't like cycling anyway. The tour is one of my favourite events and is not made by one man only, 7 titles or not.

  • Haaibo Jislaaik - 2010-07-27 09:05

    Armstrong is an arrogant prik! He thinks he is bigger than the race and the sport. He is a has-been and has seriously tarnished his own image. Apparently he has employed a big-ticket firm of attorneys to keep him from having to testify at the congressional hearings. Hey Lance, if you're innocent why not testify. Only the guilty would seek to avoid them, once again he thinks people owe him too much......he thinks he's special. I used to be a MASSIVE Armstrong more.........I am now, more than ever inclined to believe he did take drugs.....and not just because Landis said so...........just because of his behaviour in not denouncing all those who the rest of the world knows were involved in supplying drugs (read amongst others Dr. Michele Ferrari). Ferrari worked very closley with Lance apparently

  • Troll - 2010-07-27 09:38

    @ Wiggles. What a loser you are, you admit to watching only 1 cycle race, the TdF because of la and then tell us that based on the in-depth knowledge you gained sitting on your couch that the commisaires know nothing, what a tjop! There is also more to cycle racing than just the TdF although la never had the spine to try the others, he could only focus on the TdF. Gives his life, soul and money to livestrong, you sure about that? Go Google some stats and you will see that livestrong is not even in the top 10 contributors in the fight against cancer. livestrong (read la) makes about 46 dollars for very 100 they donate to cancer research. The approved rate is about 25 dollars per 100...... . What has la done for cycling?

  • SMURFSTER - 2010-07-27 09:58

    Lance was one of the Greatsest Cyclists in the world,when you retire from your game for longer than 1 season dont try make a come back(FOCUS,VISION and HUNGER is lost).Maybe the tour organisers needed him back because of the DRUG/DOPING SCANDALS that has rocked the sport for the past few years.

  • Anna - 2010-07-27 11:48

    Lance Armstrong always was and always will be a loud mouthed American junkie.

  • arthur - 2010-07-27 12:13

    I can't believe the bulldust that these cycling "bitches" keep getting up to They are always chirping about something...they sound worse than a bunch of grade 1 kids on the school playground whine, whine...moan, moan...grow up and get a life, you ninnies

  • AL - 2010-07-27 13:08

    I think most of you are missing the point it is not about Lance it is about supporting a good cause - so even if it was not discussed before I feel they should have left the riders with the shirt and deal with any issues afterwards, how unnecessary to stop a race for something like that - also not leaving a good impression of the Management of the team - Ego's get in the way of supporting the cause how stupid is that....

  • Troll @ arthur and Al - 2010-07-27 14:04

    arthur if you think this is whining, go look at the little girlies crying on the rugby page.... some real ninnies there for you, specially the bok coach, what a clown! Al, not any ego's involved except that of the great has-been. The rules (and la and bruyneel know the rules) are there to be followed or do we ignore the rules when it is for a "good" cause? So I can rob a bank as long as I am going to give some of the money to cancer research? Extreme example but the principal is the same. Just by the way, not all cancer sufferers are lance disciples!

  • sagareus - 2010-07-27 15:30

    Julle maplotters wat hier skryf. Fokkit man, L A is die man en sal ALTYD die man wees! Contador en Schleck hoort nie eers op dieselfde pad as die legende nie. Oor 10 jaar gaan niemand weet wie is hulle nie, maaaar die hele wereld gaan Lance Armstrong se naam nog beter ken as nou.

  • victor - 2010-07-28 07:52

    Typical Yank, they think that they own the world and thet they can do what they please. I wonder how much Paul Sherwin is being paid by Lance to mention his name all the time during the Tour, I had to eventually mute the sound as it becomes too much after a while.

  • Troll @ sagareus - 2010-07-28 13:21

    Really? What did he do to be a "legend"? Focussed one 1 race and that is all he really did! At least Contador has won both the Giro and the Vuelta. The only real legend in cycling in Eddy Merckx.

  • Mike - 2010-07-28 23:10

    To all you naive, stupid idiots who wrote in. Your ignorance is quite frightening, Lance has done more for people with cancer and spreading awareness and raising funds to help cancer patients,than anyone around the world. He is an amazing human being, for the hope he has given so many people around the world. So until 1 of you does 1 millionth of what he has done, shut up you stupid arrogant idiots, cause you call him arrogant yet you got the nerve to abuse and question him. What a bunch a plonkers. Keep living in your small little insignificant worlds. YOU ARE THE JOKES

  • Troll @ Mike - 2010-07-29 16:02

    Mike, prove your statement that he has done more for cancer research than ANY other person in the world. Go Google some stats and you will see that livestrong is not even in the top 10 contributors in the fight against cancer. The only naive, stupid idiots are those that so blindly accept the spin coming from la. Ignorance is Bliss.

  • mike smith - 2010-07-29 22:54

    To TROLL, livestrong has raise more awareness about cancer than any other cancer awareness campaign worldwide with more members and supporters online than any other,google that. Wow some people just dont know when they are out of line but hey, YOU THE MAN. Keep living your life all angry, and hate those who are trying to improve things in the world. U R SAD. Lots of love from my family to you

  • Troll - 2010-07-30 16:05

    @ mike smith. I have googled it and if you look at the top 10 contributors, livestrong is absent. Why am I out of line? because I do not agree with your view of what is correct and acceptable? I at least look beyond the spin and see that for every 100 dollars livestrong raises it "costs" them about $46 when the acceptable ratio is $25. Also quite amused that you can divine from an internet site that I live my life angry and that I hate all people that are trying to improve things in the world, makes me glad that I have do not know you or your family. Also interesting that there are many anti-la quotes from cancer sufferers, so please do not fool yourself into thinking that he has the adoration of all 28 million cancer sufferers. As for the original post, if he had just asked before the time, the UCI would have been happy to accomodate his 28 shirts but due to his arrogance, he thought he could do what he pleases and guess what, he came down to earth with a bump. Bye.

  • mikes smith - 2010-07-31 00:14

    @ my friend Troll. Ur google and mine ( for members) must be on different "internets". Cause livestrong members is up there. And trust me when I say that my family and I are very ,very happy not to know you cause your name says it all. Anyone who calls himself troll ...... well says it all. And I am an Armstrong fan but Im a fan of many different cyclists, but if you really,really dislike La, and your discust leads you to continuously put a human being down so much. Especially with what he has been through and accomplished, then mate. You are very,very sad. And I really feel sorry for you my bud.Really sorry. You had a 'go' at wiggles,arthur and al, and sag. So I think you are very angry and sad,cause as soon as a La fan says anything,you have a go straight away. Oh and by the way anyone who wins the TDF many times over, well for you to say that he is not a Legend of the sport.....well that says it all about the way you think(mind u a month of gruelling cycling is a breeze). This will be the last time I write. Cause frankly its a waist of my time to argue with a sad,sorry person. Have a nice 'bitter' life. I hope one day that your "ingnorance" is realized. Enjoy ur life muppet

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