No R17m Beyoncé deal: Sport

2012-06-19 17:09

Johannesburg - The sport and recreation department has denied paying R17m for United States singer Beyoncé Knowles to perform at the sports awards later this year.

"No contract of R17m has been signed," the department's director general Alec Moemi said on Tuesday. "This is a fabrication."

Moemi said the department issued a tender every year asking companies to provide proposals on what they intended to feature at the awards if given the chance.

This year a company had proposed bringing Knowles, and had said it could arrange sponsors.

"We are quite keen and we are quite excited... if we can get Beyoncé without paying for Beyoncé," he said.

However, it was just a proposal and the department had not yet decided who to appoint.

"We will not endorse such a thing [paying R17m]..., but if other people pay for it and it is in line with our mandate, we are happy with it."

News spread on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook on Tuesday that the department had apparently paid R17m to have the singer perform at the sports awards in November.

"One proposal was bringing Beyoncé and we have considered it," said Moemi.

"It is a lie to say we are paying for it... sponsors would pay for it. The base cost of awards is ours, but we'll not stop partners and sponsors who come forward [to pay for entertainment]."


  • sika.ncamane - 2012-06-19 17:19

    Pay atleast it's not like we will be losing that money from Corruption. I wanna see her sexy @$$

      Squeegee - 2012-06-19 17:40

      Yea right. We believe you. Amazing that there is no money for SA hockey but million for this...

      msendi - 2012-06-20 07:55

      Stupidity at its best. We need to invest our money on sports than on international musicians.

  • Larry Simon - 2012-06-19 17:21

    Another bulls..t story. That contract will eventually come out!

  • mdu.zwane.9 - 2012-06-19 17:26

    Sheer waste of taxpayers money if this can happen

  • karoo.gypsy - 2012-06-19 17:27

    "they" will never pay that! Too little left to steal for 'them'........ha ha "if someone else pay we are happy" says it all...........the whole lot of 'them' is corrupt.........bring it on the sooner the money is finish the sooner we will see the 'real New South Africa' ...hmmmmmmm cannot wait

  • willem.botha.5623 - 2012-06-19 17:27

    That's a lot of South African money leaving our shores if it happens. Why not pay local acts who need the money more then she does.

  • osama.pascal - 2012-06-19 17:34

    See smoke, sure ther is faiya!

  • glencoe.maseko - 2012-06-19 17:36

    Let the Dept pay R17m I'm tired of the Government giving money 2 da poor, Lets give da Rich for a change...

      braamc - 2012-06-19 18:30

      You are funny, glencoe, brilliant comment!

  • Erna - 2012-06-19 17:41

    Why would we have a person like Beyoncè at a sports award ceremony? Wouldn't an international sports person be more inspiring and appropriate?

  • mamgobhozi.vovoliyahluza - 2012-06-19 17:43

    The deal is signed already. beyonce is cuming. better beyonce cum and intertain people than to lose money through coruption. like we lost by bheki cele, late scelo shiceka, tony yengeni shabir shaik and his friend zum*

      mxeki.maduvula - 2012-06-19 18:08

      And all da guys u mentioned are ANC cadres . Yengeni is gradually coming back 2 da public. I think this degree of corruption is a herald 2 da SA citizen 2 make da govt change!

  • halvor.rosholt - 2012-06-19 17:46

    Anybody prepared to bet against her coming - "anonymous" sponsor waiting to pick up tab!!

  • zimbobwe.mugabe - 2012-06-19 17:49

    Who the hell is Beyonce??? There are more interesting and deserving singers to be brought to Mzansi not this american trash!!! This three fake wannabe singers rihanna, gaga and beyonce are the most overated garbage in the singing industry.

  • Tiaan Liebenberg - 2012-06-19 17:51

    Anonymous sponsor? Sports and pimps - brilliant idea

  • pula.springbok - 2012-06-19 18:03

    The Dept must not take us for granted. Kids in SA - Limpopo does not have enough books to read, now the flushing monies to see the thighs of Beyonce... What are you taking us for? Just spend that monies while you can Mr A Moemi. When the news comes out, you will be having another story to say. We will await to comment for the point of commenting.

  • kingsley.mgidi - 2012-06-19 18:14

    17m is a lot...local is lekker!

  • Nkonzo Mabaso - 2012-06-19 18:16

    U guys r so crazy, so much money 4 da richest gal. We hv so many homeles ppl in SA bt u wana waist so much money? Oh Lord hv mercy on us, ds is our money u waisti ng

  • tangwenya - 2012-06-19 18:17

    But it was Min Mbalula said he wanted and was going to bring Beyonce to the Awards.

  • andile.nokhetshe - 2012-06-19 18:19

    And yet we are told there is no money for sport development for the rural areas.

  • Florence - 2012-06-19 18:24

    Beyonce my left foot! Kids need proper school facilities. What's wrong if they hold the ceremony with no Beyonce or any American singer for that matter? Don't we have R@B musicians in da country?

  • bakang.sebole - 2012-06-19 18:30

    how can play with such a big money when pupil are sufferin.

  • osama.pascal - 2012-06-19 18:31

    Minister No Condom just loves lime light

  • djdavic.molepzen - 2012-06-19 18:37

    Wow R17m,i think i should make a move on her maybe we could share it lol

  • patrick.makgeledise - 2012-06-19 18:38

    Beyonce of nt. 17m, for one day nogal. D u no hw many jobs cn b created, hw many kids cn b fed,pls Mr don fool us, its a done deal.

  • Khayoh Mfiswah - 2012-06-19 18:44

    Mbalula uyahlanya. Lemali izovelaphI??? Eish kunzima kithi TaxiPayers

  • eric.makwana - 2012-06-19 18:47

    I hope that's not gonna happen, why not go for local artists.

  • Muravha Pfunzo - 2012-06-19 19:01

    is fikile losin his mind?

  • sean.mkhize.1 - 2012-06-19 19:08

    Hahaha Let's all pray and hope this is really not true.

  • madlalabrothers - 2012-06-19 19:12

    Thats not good for us we have unemployed youth in our country and also have our local artist who are much less than beyonce madness fee ,what is special about her anyway

  • ntshembolloyd.shibambu - 2012-06-19 19:18

    sies how can u plan to bring someone without a sponzer.the money was already the for beyonce ntlllll s

  • kimshotakasiwa.kondlo - 2012-06-19 19:36

    Fikile uyadelele mfana ngoku

  • ndyeboreginaldmazawule - 2012-06-19 19:38

    Indeed it is a lie the minister is not corrupt

  • Faizie - 2012-06-19 20:08

    An prostitution isnt legal

  • ceba.mlandu - 2012-06-19 20:24

    But yerr you people are stupid. The oke explicitly stated that the department will not pay for such entertainment. Don't you lot know how to read? And you TaxiPayer. It's taxpayer you idiot.

  • Brad - 2012-06-19 20:38

    R17million = $2million which is not a lot of money for a superstar of Beyonce's caliber. Remember, this girl is worth over $150million and makes this sort of money on a monthly basis. I agree that we have more pressing issues to worry about like education, health etc... But we also need to make sure that those particular ministries spend the allocated budgets appropriately!!! The lack of textbooks is not a financial issue but rather one of R300million tender corruption and rot that's found its way to the core of our government departments... Or let's look at the R2billion rand that went missing in Limpopo a few months ago... That for me is an ever Bigger concern than Beyone's R17million pocket change...

      nteroes - 2012-06-19 20:47

      Jea thts ryt brad, but ths have to be collided also. And the fact tht thy hav made t publc allows us to express our opposition on not to continue wth the deal.

  • jonathan.seagul.5 - 2012-06-19 21:48

    Beyonce my ass. She is so overrated and can not sing to save her ass. We can use that money in SA and that excludes ANC corruption and stealing!! There are better ways to spend that money right here in SA. If she wants to come she can do it for free and donate the ticket sales to show her support for her poor black brothers and sistas.

  • rnkutha - 2012-06-19 23:18

    R17m paid for Knowles just for intertainment! No ways! We have our own artists who would like to perform for less than that money. Geez South Africa!!

  • msaka.lekhosi - 2012-06-20 00:00

    What sponsors? Ga re bana. Dept of sport will pay R17-m without any partner or sponsor.

  • xoli.xuma - 2012-06-20 09:30

    such sponsors could be used to uplift sports particularly in previously disadvatage communities, just get local artists to perform and save that money for a good course.

  • stephen.king.900 - 2012-06-20 09:43

    If its true,whats new? just another way the fat cats will spend our money for a big jol.

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