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2011-06-07 11:19

Cape Town - Twitter is a fast-paced, byte-sized, action-packed social network, offering snippets of info on various topics - depending on who you follow. Thanks to sport being one of the more popular topics on Twitter, Sport24 thought we would add our two cents via the following three accounts...


Sport24News is an automated account providing followers with the latest headlines as they appear on Sport24, with links to the full story.

Follow this if:
•  You love sport
•  You always want to be in the loop with the breaking news stories
•  You enjoy reading the sports stories on Sport24
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Sport24Guy offers insight on the lifestyle aspect of the sporting world, focusing on interesting articles, blog posts, galleries, videos and the like that appear not only on the Sport24 website, but also elsewhere on the web. Our Sport24Guy spends his days trawling the web with his finger on the pulse looking for rumours, pictures and debates and topics that will get you talking.

Follow this if:
•  You love sport
•  You like comments on sporting topics
•  You like experts opinions
•  You like links to videos and pictures
•  You like to partake in sporting polls
•  You like discussion and debate
•  You love sporting gossip
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Sport24Results provides half-time and full time results from all the big games, with the odd bit of live commentary from the especially big games.

Follow this if:
•  You love sport
•  You are on the move and unable to watch all the games
•  You want to know the score of that game you missed
•  Your significant other does not like you watching sport the whole weekend
•  You prefer reading sports commentary than actually watching the game
•  You want some alternative commentary during the game
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