Sonny Bill offered June fight

2012-04-02 18:08

Johannesburg - All Blacks rugby star Sonny Bill Williams has been made an offer to participate in a boxing match in South Africa on June 16.

"Yes it is true, we have been speaking to Sonny Bill," said Golden Gloves representative and former boxing champion, Brian Mitchell.

"We have given him an offer to fight in the country on June 16. We are waiting for his representatives to get back to us."

The World Cup-winning All Blacks centre and former Rugby League player is also the New Zealand Professional Boxing Association heavyweight boxing champion.

According to Golden Gloves, Williams has shown an interest in a fight in the country, with the promoters hoping to have him on their cruiserweight Super 8 bill set for Youth Day.

"He certainly is a big character, there is certainly lots of talk and interest on him," Mitchell said.

"It would be nice to have Williams come down to the country. We are hoping that he will," Mitchell said.

Williams, 26, has five fights under his belt - all of them wins - three on technical knockouts since his professional debut in 2009.

The favourite to meet Williams will be the brash Danie Venter.

Reports from SAPA last week indicated that a deal between Williams and Venter was already negotiated.

However, Venter may also be preparing to fight in a lower division, in the Super 8s, which is offering some incentives for the boxers. The winner of the cruiserweight tournament stands to pocket R500 000 and a place in the international Super 8 tournament in 2013.

"We will still have to negotiate that as soon as we get Williams," said Mitchell.

"Yes, there is Venter, but he has shown some interest in the Super 8s as well.

"His opponent can be somebody international, but we hope that it will be somebody from the country."


  • Skhona - 2012-04-02 18:20

    Sonny bill what??? Hahahaha this guy is a sportsman

  • Ken - 2012-04-02 19:23

    What's the Afrikaans word for Box?.............Exactly!

  • bluzulu - 2012-04-02 19:30

    Sonny will wipe the floor with any RSA Heavyweight. Ringside at his bout with Tilman, Short but frenzied attack. Similar to Tyson...however theer is only one Tyson.

  • - 2012-04-02 19:36

    He is a bully. He only fights overweight punching bags. Fight a real fighter you joke!

  • John - 2012-04-02 19:49

    Youth Day, huh? What about he fights Julias Malema?

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