SASCOC waiting on IAAF

2009-11-11 18:00

Johannesburg - Athletics South Africa (ASA) will for the time being remain eligible to compete in international events sanctioned by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

Last week SASCOC suspended ASA, but on Wednesday morning the federation named a provisional team to compete at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships in Bydgoszcz, Poland next March.

Later in the day SASCOC president Gideon Sam confirmed the federation would be allowed to compete in IAAF events until SASCOC received a response from the world governing body for the sport.

"They can enter IAAF events until such time as the IAAF recognises our suspension," Sam said.

"We have sent them a letter, informing them that ASA has been suspended, and we are waiting for them to get back to us."

Despite the board's suspension, along with some members of senior management, business is continuing as usual at the ASA head office in Johannesburg.

The board and suspended employees have vowed to fight SASCOC's decision, saying the Olympic body does not have the power to take action against individual ASA employees.

IAAF spokesman Nick Davies was unavailable for comment.


  • Wallie Whatyamacallit - 2009-11-11 18:30

    Gideon Sam, unlike Sam Ramsamy, will not stand in the way of athletes to compete internationally. Sascoc obviously has the support of the government and it is just a matter time for all funding to ASA to stop flowing.

  • curios - 2009-11-11 20:33

    Surely the jurisdiction issue shouldn't be complicated? Does Sascoc have such authority? If not does someone else? I agree with the suspension, but without proper, basic governance issues in place, it just gets more and more embarrassing.

  • Uncle Pete - 2009-11-12 06:39

    This is an attempt by SASCOC to try to take over ASA's accountability to the IAAF regarding ASA's hidden agenda and actions leading up to, at and after the Berlin event, in the light of ASA's and Chuene's prior known gender testing outcomes of Caster Semenya as was requested by the IAAF well in advance of the Berlin event, whereat Semenya, ASA and especially Chuene challenged and brought the IAAF in extreme disrepute. Beware SASCOC's cover-up involvement may bring all RSA sports into further disrepute.

  • Z - 2009-11-12 13:47

    I am all for the removal from office of those who bring the sport into disrepute. ASA & Chuene has to come clean about the embarrasment that they have caused. In this, I expect them to account first and foremost to the regions, athletic clubs, athletes and the broader South Africa. I am very concerned about the jurisdiction of SASCOC on this. Surely, ASA as an automous body can't be dictated of what do to by the Olympic commitee. Are you telling me SASCOC will act the same to Rugby, Soccer or any other sport that happens to be played in Olympics. I don't think so. What needs to happen here is that the members(regions) make the vote of no-confidence to the current board. I hear that the Provincial presidents have been put there by Chuene?!? How? Are the Athletics provinces and clubs that weak to allow an individual to do that? Perhaps they got a President and a Board they deserve then.

  • ASA Member - 2009-11-13 09:38

    SASCOC are fully within their rights to suspend ASA, but they only control the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and All Africa Games. So currently no SA athletes can go to these competitions. ASA, however, is also independently affiliated to the IAAF. The IAAF have not suspended ASA so the athletes can continue competing. Neither of these bodies (SASCOC or the IAAF) can meddle in the internal affairs of ASA, though, so they can't remove or suspend the ASA Board. The problem for ASA will be funding. Last year they got the majority of their funding from SASCOC, some from government and some from the Lottery. They will get none of this next year and they also don't have sponsors. Seeing as they couldn't even afford their electricity bill last week, it will be impossible for them to have any athletics meetings or prepare and send teams to overseas competitions. So, in effect, athletics is dead without SASCOC and govt support. If the IAAF also enter the fray and suspend ASA, it gets even worse. The worst of this all is that the athletes are now suffering while the ASA Board remain in place...

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