SASCOC confirms new sponsor

2012-03-07 12:55

Johannesburg - The SA Sports Confederation (SASCOC) received a financial boost on Wednesday with the sponsorship of a consumer products company.

Procter and Gamble announced a partnership with the Olympic body in Johannesburg ahead of this year's games to be held in London.

SASCOC president Gideon Sam, flanked by CEO Tubby Reddy and International Olympic Committee executive member Sam Ramsamy, confirmed the deal, which would see funds handed to SASCOC in preparation for the July games.

They would not disclose the value of the sponsorship, adding that further details would be released over the next four months.

Sam said he was excited over the contribution towards the London Olympics.

"The athletes must receive royal treatment and they can't with no money, so we are proud to be associated with Procter and Gamble."

The new sponsorship came about four months before the games begin, and Sam said he was happy his pleas to companies for support were not falling on deaf ears.

"I'm happy to see an ever-growing awareness by the South African public. There is a huge need out there and this is the type of partner we want as an Olympic movement," Sam said.


  • Graham - 2012-03-07 14:08

    Pray tell what commission will be taken by the officials whose duty it is to find the sponsorships!

  • Cristian - 2012-03-07 15:28

    Athletes preparation starts years before Olympics. What is done about that? SASCOC is nothing but a Very exclusive, Very VIP travel agency for few Privileged ones

  • Roland - 2012-03-07 16:22

    How much of any of this sponsorship will get to the atheletes? SASCOC has a president and a CEO - what on earth for - too many chiefs that cost way too much. Agree with other comments - how much commission? and a bit late? - Olympics is not about what happens in the 3 months before it - just look at how hard hockey has worked to get there, and this no thanks to SASCOC - and who is Sam Ramsamy? another leech from the corrupt anc government!!!!

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