Quota robs team of victory

2010-08-12 11:08

Potchefstroom - For the first time in this years Spar national netball tournament, Netball South Africa's (NSA) controversial quota system affected the outcome of a women's A-section match on Thursday.

Gauteng Central, who had lost all their previous matches, pulled off a narrow 41-39 win over last year's losing finalists, Boland.

Captain Nthabiseng Moabi was delighted with the victory, but said she was not surprised.

"We knew we had the fitness, the speed and the agility," she said. "We were sure that if we could control the ball from the centre, we would pull it off."

But the jubilation of the all black team turned to disappointment when their opponents were awarded six additional goals for sticking to the required 5/2 quota throughout the match, giving Boland a 45-41 victory.

It was Boland's first win at the tournament so far.

Ironically, Boland were penalised in their match against Dr Kenneth Kaunda (North West South) on Wednesday, when they fielded six white players and one black player for the second half of the match.

However, the six goal penalty did not affect the outcome of the match, as Kaunda won comfortably on court.

NSA introduced the quota system two years ago in an effort to reinforce their transformation programme.

In previous years, non-compliant teams had goals deducted from their total, but this year NSA decided to reward compliant teams by giving them extra goals.

Teams were also awarded points on registration, according to the composition of their squads, with 7/5 being the benchmark. Kaunda and Western Province were the only teams to meet the standard, and were awarded five points each.

Seven teams in the women's A-section received four points each for having a ratio of eight to four, Gauteng West received three points and Boland two.

Gauteng Central received no points. The compliance points could be a deciding factor in determining which teams play in the semi-finals.


  • AJ - 2010-08-12 11:19

    Pathetic. If the 6 best are black, then so be it. If the best are 4 white, 2 black so be it. Let them play according to talent.

  • Sharka - 2010-08-12 11:20

    So the ANC can award goals in netball matches now? I hope they can score some tries against the All Blacks on Saturday! That would be epic. Maybe they can sort out a few more bonus points too so we can keep the trophy.

  • Silver Surfer - 2010-08-12 11:22

    What a joke. If this is not racism then I don't know what is. Transformation ? Another word for racism. Shove it ANC !!!

  • anele - 2010-08-12 11:27

    i am a person of african descent, and i think this is just ridiculous.

  • Themba - 2010-08-12 11:28

    What a joke... everyone is equal but some are more equal than others...??

  • disgusted - 2010-08-12 11:29

    Disgusting qouta sustem-degrades the quota player and re instates a reverse apartheid!!!

  • LJE@ All-Blacks - 2010-08-12 11:40

    Surely this can't be?!? An All-Black team actually penalised? SANZAR should hear about this one....

  • LJE - 2010-08-12 11:44

    Interesting that quota's are now actually affecting the percieved benefactors of EE/AA/BBBBBBEEEEEEEE. Now there will be tears rolling....

  • Mike T - 2010-08-12 11:47

    I cannot Believe I am reading this!! Pathetic and ridiculous.

  • GP - 2010-08-12 11:49

    For the first time I understand why both my daughters refused to participate in trials for netball!!! Good one Sharka - I am sure the government will soon be allocating tries, goals, eagles and deducting seconds (For athletics and swimming); in all international sporting events that take place in SA, just to show how good the blacks really are. It is absolutely disgusting.

  • Ray - 2010-08-12 11:51

    How ridiculous. Its SPORT for crying out loud! What do politics have to do with netball?? What a shame!!!

  • Mag - 2010-08-12 11:52

    A blinking disgrace

  • bulawayo-based-bok - 2010-08-12 11:52

    transformation is racism...simple as that!!!

  • war - whites against racism - 2010-08-12 12:03

    An excellent system. We need to introduce this into rugby as well, perhaps even Davis Cup tennis. If our opponents do not field a team that meets our requirement, then we penalise them. Perhaps we can still win the Tri nations, Inkosi bless this wonderful country

  • Adams - 2010-08-12 12:07

    haha ha ha ha , What an absolute joke, now we know why our netball has been on a massive decline in years. You seriously have to consider the lack of brain matter in those coming up with these insane ideas. And they lose because of too many black players what a joke! How about this you need to have South African players in your side regardless of anything else, just makes life so much better.

  • reverse apartheid - 2010-08-12 12:11

    this is shocking to hear!but if you look at our goverment,it is no surprise!!

  • Kobus - 2010-08-12 12:15

    Lol, it was actually the white players for whom the quota benefit was applied, and some whiteys are still whining, hahaha

  • pavlov - 2010-08-12 12:15

    ..this is farcical. the best team, irrespective the make-up of the players racial mix, should be the only standard. This type of political engineering is political interference at its worst. Where will all this end??

  • Ha Ha - 2010-08-12 12:15

    Not to worry. I don't think that Spar would want their name to be coupled with this type of practise for too long. Maybe whites should go out and publicly boikot Spar for sponsoring a racially discriminate tournament. I know I will much rather go to their opposition as from today. Money talks in the end - so let's hit them where it hurts. Let's start boikoting all sponsors who give money to racially discrimination of any kind.

  • Oliver - 2010-08-12 12:16

    And you all wondered why our best player Irene Van Dyk left and now plays for New Zeland !!!! She is far better of there with no Political interference . Dont worry Rugby and Cricket are there , at next years world cup rugby we wont have our strongest team on the field because of quotas , Chilly Boy will be there even though he is not good enough to start play for his province !!!! Unfortunatly Individual sport is the way to go

  • gabs - 2010-08-12 12:23

    how can it be that the world can't help again with the apartheid in south africa or are they happy now ?

  • 10111 - 2010-08-12 12:24

    Dr Kenneth Kaunda team! Hahaha. Its almost funnier than their little racist quota system. What a joke. How can I tell my daughter she must compete in a sport where they look at your skin colour first then how you play. So much for development. My daughter aint touching this racist game!!!!!

  • Albert Einstein - 2010-08-12 12:26

    Racism still grows stronger and stronger. If is called sport I must be in the wrong film.......Human rights bye, bye

  • RJ - 2010-08-12 12:26

    I Love it!!! At some stage someone in netball SA is actually going to realise that "engineering" teams for the sake of quotas is actually a waste of time in the long run. Unfortunately the national side is going to get it butt kicked so many times in the process & I will applaud each loss. It is only by playing the best or by playing against the best is there any improvement. MERIT you goddam wankers!! Actually I am glad that netball is such a crap sport!!! Don't have to watch it on TV. It really is one long yawn!! MMMM as a sponsor SPAR should be shouting the odds a little more. Perhaps a boycott of SPAR might do the trick

  • bob - 2010-08-12 12:26

    Yip and that is why nobody at school level in certain demographics dont play this sport anymore as mentioned by a lady above and on top of that how do you support such a RACIST BIGOT sporting code!!!

  • dronkie - 2010-08-12 12:29

    Is this Aprils fool ??

  • Sipho - 2010-08-12 12:54

    Haibo...des ting is so stuped!! I scheem Juliaas desind des format! Eish eish.

  • eugene du preez - 2010-08-12 12:59

    I hope Stofile and his group of henchmen - hell bent on destroying our sports take note of this. People should play according to their skills level and not their skin colour !!! How long are they going to continue to chase our talented sports men and women to other shores whilst earning a salary on the backs of these very same sporte men and women ? Sixteen years later and race is still a big issue, please !!!! If our athletes have still not managed to make it with all the help they are getting from the government, they will never make it !

  • Voicy - 2010-08-12 13:01

    Whoever came up with this system is a real Einstein. You can be as useless as a long as you're black your team will get goals awarded to you by default. Isn't THAT true racism against blacks? Telling them they're not physically capable of holding their own, so they'll get pity goals awarded FOR them? Man I love the sweet smell of irony! :D

  • Marshal - 2010-08-12 13:02

    This article should be published on 1 April. I don't even think the international press will pick up on this story because it is too unbelievable. A joke. What the hell is Spar -Good for You - doing as the sponsor of this type of event. Will Spar be introducing different pricing based on skin color in the future.

  • Herman - 2010-08-12 13:03

    Some "All black" teams are better than others...

  • LM - 2010-08-13 11:37

    I support the transformation agenda but dont necesarily agree with this policy. It would be easier to let the best people play - this way transformation would happen organicially. I do diagree however with some the comments posted. Partuclarly those that suggest the policy is racist. There is no preference given to one race over another. The policy states: "teams participating in the Spar national netball championships, are required to maintain a ratio of seven black and five white, or seven white and five black players in a squad of 12.In addition, the teams are required to have a minimum quota of 5/2 on the court at all times, although a three/four split is considered the ideal."

  • @anele - 2010-08-16 11:33

    So am a person of African Descent - I was also born here. Just say you are black. No shame in that!!!

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