Pacquiao sheds tears on TV

2012-12-10 11:01

Manila - Philippine boxing hero Manny Pacquiao shed tears on national television on Monday, saying he had let his country down in his devastating knockout loss to his great Mexican rival Juan Manuel Marquez.

VIDEO: Marquez knocks out Pacquiao

"The low morale, the sadness, I accept that. This is my job.... But the reaction of the Filipinos, the many who cried, especially my family, it really hurts me," he said in an interview on the GMA network.

The former eight-division world champion wiped tears from his eyes listening to his wife, Jinkee, make a tearful appeal on camera for his husband, who turns 34 next week, to hang up his gloves.

"When you see your husband get hurt, you cannot even sleep," she said in the interview, conducted in the United States after Saturday's Las Vegas bout.

Asked if she wanted her husband to retire from boxing, she said: "You know the answer to that. He knows what I am asking him".

Pacquiao's mother Dionisia made a separate appeal on the same station.

"I have long asked you son, it is time to retire because you started boxing at such a young age. I always pray that he will stop. I asked God to tell my son to stop," she said.

She said she was alarmed by her son's knock-out at the hands of Marquez in the sixth round of their non-title fight Saturday night local time in Las Vegas.

The loss stunned a huge Philippine audience watching the fight live on television on Sunday.

"I was shocked yesterday. The way he suddenly fell," said Pacquiao's mother, who added that, like in previous bouts, she had only watched a recording because she could not bear to watch her son's fights live.

But while moved by the women's entreaties, Pacquiao remained non-committal on calls for his retirement.

"I don't want to hurt my family and the people who support them," was all he would say about his future plans.

"I am OK. I just got overconfident in this fight. That is part of the game - sometimes you win, sometimes you lose."

Pacquiao said immediately after the loss that he intends to fight again.

The Filipino fighter who has won world titles in an unprecedented eight weight divisions has extended his boxing success into election to parliament, a career in show business and commercial endorsements.

But there have been questions about Pacquiao's focus on his boxing in recent years as he has had to deal with his duties as a congressman, host of a television game show and as pitchman for various products.

In the past year he has also become a Bible preacher, though he insists his religion has not dulled his killer instinct in the ring.


  • cabague - 2012-12-10 12:10

    You are a great Boxer Manny.... and that is who you are... Redeem yourself... Redeem the Filipino People. Focus with your Talent and WE LOVE YOU AS A GREAT BOXER AND OUR HERO. Your Religion and Your God Cannot Help you... Help yourself!

      Daniel Nunes - 2012-12-10 12:30

      Why? Does he have something to prove to you?

  • Remmington Wekwa Nonge - 2012-12-10 12:45

    That's life u win some u lose some!

  • - 2012-12-10 13:57

    And he lost in a big way. Eina fork!

  • jmokgotlhoa - 2012-12-10 19:55

    As far as I know, boxing took this guy out of poverty and made him who he is today. It is unfair to now start using emotions to manipulate him out of his passion. It is ingenious of his mother and wife to use the media to make him look irresponsible, they could have discussed this in private, Manny, if you still feel OK, carry on.

      Stephen John - 2012-12-10 23:00

      i fully support the view that Manny should carry on; i'm confident that if there is a rematch, Juan will be KOed too

  • muhammad.salie - 2012-12-11 14:53

    Manny should fight again and hopefully fight Mayweather sometime in September 2013 as Floyd is likely fighting Canelo or "ghost" Guererro in March/April. Manny should fight Brandon Rios in March and if Floyd and Manny win their respective fights we could still see our long awaited superfight in September. I doubt the superfight will earn either Manny or Floyd the money they could have earned if they fought a year ago ($180 mill Floyd $100m and Manny $80mil) but each one could still make $50million or $60million for the fight in Spetember 2013.

      steve.luckie - 2012-12-11 15:31

      It's highly unlikely that a super fight between Manny and Mayweather will take place after his two loses to Bradley and JMM. Mayweather has two fights lined up in the form of "The Ghost"and "Cänelo". After handing a serious beat down to Andre Bertio, Guererro call out Mayweather, that fight will defo take place next year. Canelo has a date with Austin Trout, Saul was at ringside during Trout/Cotto showdown. Mayweather will fight Saul "Canelo"Alvarez.

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