Pacquiao fight judges praised

2012-07-05 11:30

New York - Eight of the 12 rounds could have been scored either way when Manny Pacquiao lost to Tim Bradley last month.

“It was a very close fight. I though the judges handled it well,” Keith Kizer, the Nevada Athletic Commission executive director, said this week.

Kizer has discussed the result with the three judges and reviewed a video replay of the fight, round by round, to discuss their scoring. He was satisfied with their efforts, he said.

“It is unfortunate that people reacted the way they did after the fight. The judges did a great job."

Nevada's state attorney general's office announced this week that it had found no wrongdoing by officials in the fight on June 9.

But the investigators interviewed none of the judges involved in what was considered by most fight fans an injustice to Pacquiao.

Catherine Cortez Masto, Nevada's attorney general, said her top investigator had spoken to members of the state athletic commission and gaming board and found no evidence of criminal acts, including match-fixing or unusual bet patterns.

But that will do little to change the feelings of Pacquiao’s fans who howled in disgust after two judges ruled Bradley at 115-113 winner. Pacquiao was given a 115-113 victory by the third judge.

"Displeasure with the subjective decisions of sporting officials is not a sufficient basis for this office to initiate a criminal investigation," Cortez Masto told promoter Bob Arum in a letter.

"Unless evidence beyond mere displeasure is forthcoming this matter will be considered closed. While there may be strong disagreement with the decision, the exercise of professional judgment by individuals officiating at a sporting event is not by itself a criminal investigation."

Arum says the probe came up short of the type of investigation he would have liked to have seen.

"I'm happy that the attorney general did some investigating, but there's a tremendous gap," Arum said. "Why didn't they interview the judges?

"I'm not sure this brings closure. I would feel a lot better if they had interviewed the judges. But it's her investigation, not mine."

However, Kizer did work with the judges and is satisfied that they “did a great job.”

Bradley is still recovering from ankle and foot injuries that he suffered in the fight.

Pacquiao is on holiday in Israel. Arum plans to meet the Filipino next week to decide whom he will fight in his next bout, set for November 10.

Pacquiao could enforce a rematch clause to avenge his loss to Bradley but could also opt for a fourth fight with Mexico's Juan Manuel Marquez. When the fought last November the bout generated about 500 000 more pay-per-view purchases than the one between Pacquio and Bradley did.


  • mbemand - 2012-07-05 17:18

    Keith Kizer must be on the take as well. The problem is Bob, the inmates are in charge of the asylum. The Nevada Athletic Commission is investigating their own, and clearly they are all making too much money from this sport, there must be an independent commission with oversight. enough of the corruption please. This is broken like everything else in the usa !

  • tsewang.nyendak.1 - 2012-07-05 18:36

    catherine cortez and keith kizer both of them are involved. this whole thing is very fishy.

  • lance.greenfield - 2012-07-05 22:51

    Isn't it amazing.. to the eye of most, the fight was clearly won by Pacquiao, yet because the judges gave it to Bradley, their own bosses, refuse to see the mistake, and go as far as to say they did a good job, while in reality, they didn't, Pacquiao won that bout, so how is it possible to see their decision as a good job? the wrong thing was done in front of peoples eyes, and a blind eye is being turned on the matter, to protect their own.. what a disgusting attitude to hold.. two wrongs don't make it right.. its their loss, they lose the fan base, and the trust of the general public! it would be one thing if it were a close fight, but to turn around and try to tell everybody, they were seeing things, that we are all wrong, while we have it on video, and can still see Pacquiao won.. its really disturbing to know, the WBO has turned a blind eye on the 5 judges who reviewed the fight as a landslide victory for Pacquiao, and the general public who watched the fight, and saw Pacquiao clearly won, really disturbing this attitude!

  • darryl.morales.1 - 2012-07-05 23:24

    Think about this, anywhere in every part of this planet when a crime occurs the local authorities would do the investigating, and you know who they interview in the process of investigation? the culprits! or the person or people responsible for what happened! The result of Pacquiao/Bradley investigation "doesn't make any sense" because the culprits or the people responsible or the "judges" were never interviewed at all! How could catherine cortez masto reach a " no criminal wrongdoing " verdict when they never investigated the "judges" who are the people responsible for this! The verdict doesn't make a closure to what the whole world knows that Pacquiao was "robbed" of his belt. Anyway it's the state of Nevada where gambling is legal as long as you have money in your pocket, think about the "Mafia" that exist in this part of america, it's the best place for all of them to make money!!!

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