Ministry tackles transformation

2011-10-27 17:26

Johannesburg - South Africa’s sports ministry has roped in concerned parties around the country to help resolve transformation issues.

Comments had been received from over 1000 bodies and individuals since January, Deputy Sports Minister Gert Oosthuizen said on Thursday.

These would serve as input for the National Sport and Recreation Plan - brainchild of Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula - set to be finalised at a national indaba on November 21 and 22.

"We have developed, under Minister Mbalula, a transformation charter. Once we emerge from the sports indaba, nobody must still have questions as to what transformation is," said Oosthuizen

South Africa has been struggling to make sport more representative of the country's demographics, with efforts including quota systems at provincial and national level yielding poor results over the past two decades.

Bernardus van der Spuy, chief director of strategic management and executive support for the National Sports Plan project, said this struggle had not been the result of poor ideas, but rather failure to put those ideas into practice.

"In the past we've had very good white papers [on transformation in sport], but we haven't really implemented them," said Van der Spuy.

Transformation in sport, the ministry believed, would go a long way in transforming the nation and dealing with racial issues that divided the country.

"Globally more and more policy makers realise that sport and recreation is more than fun and games," said Van der Spuy.

"World leaders are increasingly acknowledging that sport and recreation touches virtually every aspect of a nation's ethos."

The sports ministry hoped the National Sports Plan would address concerns around poor sporting facilities, particularly in previously disadvantaged areas, as well as club structures and management of financial resources.

It would also help create an athletes' forum for sportsmen and women to share their views, as well as a long overdue academy system for promising sports stars.


  • Dirk - 2011-10-27 18:14

    A good point to begin, would be to fire the deputy minister and chief director, without pension of course. They will then immediately experience what many in SA must endure.Sport can indeed be unifying if merit is the criteria for selection of sport teams.If not, more serious division will follow.Sport can and should not be an instrument of political abuse and social engineering to cover up government failures.

  • Jack - 2011-10-27 18:36

    1000 concerned bodies and individuals? what do they want to happen? A yearly ding dong with Lesotho and Swaziland , rugby tennis cricket . Sorry citizens of neighbouring countries.

  • goyougoodthing - 2011-10-27 18:38

    Pick the best person on merit not colour. That is how one must go about this. Recognise talent early and then put them into training camps, fund better schooling and equipment etc etc. Academies and resources are needed to develop world class athletes. Diet, nutrition at home, warmth, comfort, safety are all factors which the minster conveniently negates. Two children, same ability, one a great school, great mentors, great coaches, great diet, safe home, decent air, dry floors and good equipment. The other child, in a shack, misses meals, teachers are not at school etc etc. Who is going to achieve more? Representation goes a lot further than a few faces in a rugby team.

      gavin.simpson.0 - 2011-10-28 18:24

      I do agree here, sort of, but at the end of the day the individuals need personal drive, ambition to be the best, or no matter what you "give" them they will not succeed. Only the desire to be "the" best, and not just the best black, or whatever.

  • Luke300 - 2011-10-27 19:40

    We must just put black people in the rugby teams. When nobody shows up to whatch the rugby games and the broadcasting contracts start to fade away they will also say "Eish, WTF just happened". The public will rule this one. This is not government where you can appoint useless morons because they need to represent a certain percentage of colour. Bafana Bafana is ranked number ?

      Jeff - 2011-10-27 20:47

      Agreed. Make our teams the 'all blacks' and then see how much support they will get. The anc has the white supporters sussed out very well.

  • gavin.simpson.0 - 2011-10-28 18:20

    "dealing with racial issues that divided the country" ... and so it goes on. Is creatign racial division the way to solve racial issues? Must our Sports men and women keep moving to foreign teams if they are the wrong color for the ANC and their ilk? How long is the international sport community going to put up with race based sport? Our problem with sport is the same as our problem with education.... generations of doing the opposite have built a culture of demand.. demanding work, demanding places on the team, all because of skin color. When will the kind of ongoing education be eradicated from our country? There is only one solution. Choose the best players no matter what, and if you don;t like the color of their skin shut the hell up. In time our children will have higher goals to aim for, and standards will improve. It will take many years. You cannot demand a world cup just because of the color of your skin, so stop trying. Rather fire those who object on the grounds of racism. It is allegedly illegal is it not?

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