Mayweather has 'no regrets'

2012-03-02 13:35

Las Vegas - Floyd Mayweather is trying his level best to focus on his fight against Miguel Cotto.

The American, who has to serve a jail sentence after fighting Cotto in Las Vegas on May 5, had nothing to say about Manny Pacquiao at a news conference in Hollywood on Thursday.

Mayweather insisted he just wanted to talk about the super-welterweight title fight against WBA champion Cotto.

He was also reluctant to discuss New York Knicks star Jeremy Lin after recent reports about his opinion that Lin was getting much publicity “because he's Asian".

"I never regret anything," Mayweather said. "I am not here to talk about Jeremy Lin. I am not fighting Jeremy Lin.

"It is not Mayweather versus Pacquiao or Mayweather versus Jeremy Lin. It’s Mayweather versus Miguel Cotto."

But the 35-year-old Mayweather does not plan to change his outspoken ways.

"I thought this country had freedom of speech," he said. "Anything Mayweather says finds the front page. I get dragged through the mud but it doesn't stop me."

Mayweather and Cotto entered Thursday's news conference at historic Grauman's Chinese Theatre to a trumpet blast.

The American took his seat on an elaborate throne and the champion sat in a smaller chair to his left.

Mayweather is coming off a controversial victory over Victor Ortiz in his last fight in September. After a head butt in the corner, Ortiz dropped his hands and tried to apologise when Mayweather seized the moment and decked Ortiz.

"Ortiz was looking for the KO and he got KO'd," Mayweather said. "With or without the fourth-round punches he was going to get KO'd."

Cotto is coming off one of the most impressive victories of his career. In December, he stopped Antonio Margarito in the 10th round, avenging his defeat by the Mexican fighter three years earlier.

"When he beat me in 2008, he took from me a lot of things, including my confidence," the Puerto Rican said. "Then when I beat him, I got those things back."

Cotto, 31, said he would take that added confidence into the ring against Mayweather. Although he's the champion, Cotto is a heavy underdog. Experts say Mayweather has superior speed and counter-punching ability.

"When I fought Shane Mosley in 2007, people said the same thing … that he is faster than me," Cotto said. "But I beat him at his own game and I plan to pressure Mayweather."