Khan feared for fair hearing

2012-01-18 16:46

Los Angeles - Amir Khan withdrew his appeal to the IBF over his split-decision loss to Lamont Peterson because of fears he wouldn't receive a fair hearing.

The British boxer had been campaigning for justice for weeks after claiming poor refereeing and interference with fight judges by a "mystery man" were behind his loss to Peterson in the December 10 fight in Washington.

Khan arrived in New Jersey on Tuesday for the scheduled IBF appeal hearing the following day only for the meeting to be cancelled, with his camp unhappy there was going to be only "partial representation of fight officials."

"I told (IBF President Daryl Peoples) that if he was in fact going to have certain people there, and others not, then that does not sound to me as if there was a fully transparent meeting," said Richard Schaefer, chief executive of Golden Boy Promotions.

"It would have been a one-sided hearing where not all of the parties would have been there to tell the story."

The unexplained presence at ringside of the "mystery man" - later revealed as Mustafa Ameen, who does unpaid voluntary work for the IBF - added to the "plethora of anomalies" which the Khan camp claimed marred the fight.

Khan lost his WBA and IBF belts to Peterson but the WBA has already granted the Briton a rematch, which Golden Boy says will be staged within 180 days.

Khan now just wants to focus his attention on the rematch.

"Golden Boy Promotions and Team Khan are pleased to have been vindicated by the World Boxing Association's recent decision to mandate an immediate rematch and still hope that Mr Peterson will honour earlier statements in which he asserted that he would be happy to agree to a rematch," a Golden Boy statement read.