What kind of IMPI are you?

    2018-03-05 14:34
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    The Fedhealth IMPI Challenge is a muddy trail run that combines exhilarating obstacles, music and mud into a fun, social adrenaline-charged experience that people with all athletic abilities can enjoy.

    Participants are welcome to enter individually or as a team, where categories cater for a variety of athletes and fitness levels. To find out what kind of IMPI you are, here are the groups:

    Elite IMPI

    Elite IMPI is for athletes looking to test their all-round fitness level, endurance and strength. The course consists of 26 unique obstacles designed over 18-20km of hills, mud, water ropes and walls, all designed to push you to your limits.

    Entry fee: R550

    IMPI Corporate

    The IMPI Corporate category spans over a distance of 10 – 12km with 18 obstacles set to challenge teams while encouraging camaraderie in a non-corporate environment. Team-work and bonding is the order of the day in this category.

    Entry fee: R500 per entry 

    IMPI Challenge and Dash

    Combining trail running with an adventure-style obstacle course, IMPI Challenge will push participants’ mental grit as they navigate their way over, under and through water and mud to reach the finish line. IMPI Challenge consists of 18 obstacles over 10 – 12km of terrain.

    Entry fee: R400

    IMPI Dash takes the same form as IMPI Challenge but differs in distance. This course takes place over 5km of terrain and consists of 12 obstacles.

    Entry fee: R300 

    IMPI Mini

    The IMPI Mini is an event category for children aged between 5 and 10 years. The course consists of a 1km, non-timed loop with smaller supervised obstacles which kids can navigate an unlimited amount of times.

    Entry fee: R100

    Think you have what it takes to complete the Fedhealth IMPI Challenge? Do best and enter here.

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