Get to know the IMPI obstacles

    2018-03-05 14:24
    Source: Supplied

    The entire IMPI course consists of 28 obstacles designed to test your physical endurance and mental grit. These obstacles are set to challenge you on a multitude of levels and create an adventure on safe, natural and man-made obstacles while putting your skills to the test as you take on height, water, confined spaces and mud to ultimately conquer your fears.

    The course is designed differently for every IMPI Challenge event, but contains some favourites that you can experience at all events:

    Mud pits: swim, splash, wade but get through the muddy madness

    Rawson wall: 2m high; climb over however you can

    Vietnam Crawl: Leopard Crawl to escape the gunfire

    Trail run: beautiful routes and nature create their own obstacles…

    Lilly Pad Pallet crossing: a classic run over pallets suspended over water

    Various rope, net and pole climbs and river traverses

    Tyres, tyres in all shape and sizes. Carry, stack, pull, roll, climb over and climb through

    Sewer pipes and snake pits

    All the rest are surprises… you never know what you’ll need to get through around the next corner…

    Enter the Fedhealth IMPI Challenge here.

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