Haye floors Chisora in fifth

2012-07-15 10:03

London - David Haye stopped Dereck Chisora in the fifth round in London on Saturday night.

Haye, a former cruiserweight and heavyweight champion, settled the grudge showdown in front of over 30 000 spectators at Upton Park when he floored Chisora twice with left hooks.

Referee Luis Pabon stopped the fight after the second knockdown, giving Haye his 24 knockout victory in 27 bouts, of which he lost two.

Chisora suffered his fourth defeat in his 19th fight, and his fourth setback in his last five bouts.

Haye won the WBA and WBO International heavyweight titles.

After settling a festering feud that began with a public punch-up earlier this year, the pair hugged and made up after the end of their explosive encounter.

Haye hopes the impressive display will increase calls for him to face WBC champion Vitali Klitschko.

"I've sent out a very scary message. I'll be surprised if Vitali Klitschko wants to fight me after that. He will no doubt try to fight some chump and then retire to be a politician," said Haye.

Klitschko, 40, is due to face Syrian Manuel Charr on September 10 and could then retire to concentrate on a full-time political career.

Haye hopes Klitschko will be tempted by one more lucrative pay-day as the Ukrainian's younger brother Wladimir has said he is not interested in a rematch with the Briton.

Whatever the significance of his latest victory, it would have been immensely satisfying for Haye after the infamous news conference brawl in Munich and public condemnation of the pair for their behaviour.

Neither boxer held a British boxing licence but the Luxembourg Boxing Federation licensed them for what was the biggest all-British heavyweight fight since Lennox Lewis beat Frank Bruno 19 years ago.

Chisora burrowed forward early in the fight but Haye scored with his left in the second round.

Zimbabwe-born Chisora, who went the distance with Vitali Klitschko in February, tried to rough up Haye but was warned by Pabon in the second for hitting Haye at the back of the head.

Haye jolted Chisora with a right uppercut in a lively third. Chisora landed a slashing right to the temple and then went on the attack with clubbing blows towards the end of the round.

The fighters could not hear the bell for the end of the round and Chisora landed a meaty left hook before then barging into Haye.

The fourth started when Haye landed a right hook to the temple and trapped Chisora in the corner. Chisora recovered and startled Haye with two left hooks and a right.

But Haye maintained control before producing two huge left hooks to chop down Chisora in the fifth. Chisora was already falling from the first left to the temple when Haye sent him down with a right.


  • smiley.langa - 2012-07-15 14:38

    David 'The Hayemaker" Haye was on top the whole fight, even if it had gone to the end I still think Haye would have won that fight because he was really good in the early stages and was quick as usual, Chisora has no chance against Vitali Klitschko Now, hahaha, I cannot wait for that fight.

  • warren.sheehan.39 - 2012-07-15 18:37

    Two has beens and now they think they are ready to take on the Best, bear in mind the Klishko brothers most likley think this lot are a total joke especially after they lost to them both.

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