Durban in 2020 Olympic bid

2009-08-13 10:38

Johannesburg - The city of Durban in South Africa is to bid for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games according to UK newspaper, The Times.

Although a decision on the host city for the 2020 Games won't be made until 2013, the paper reports that Durban is busy with a series of strategic moves to make the best use of its sporting resources - the Moses Mabhida Stadium and the Kings Park sports precinct around it.

Durban's city manager, Mike Sutcliffe, told the paper that the city’s role as host to the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) 2011 Congress is central to the city's post-World Cup sporting ambitions.

"We have a ‘2010 and beyond' strategy that involves looking at potential events, whether they be Commonwealth Games or Olympics, coming to what we believe is a world-class African city” he said. “At the same time I must stress that we haven't officially put our hat in the ring as far as the Olympics are concerned because that decision must take place at national level".

The Times reports that the decision to host an Olympic Games involves the national and provincial government and that there is circumstantial evidence pointing to Durban using 2010 and the IOC congress the following year to leverage international sentiment towards a 2020 bid.



  • mikeh - 2009-08-13 11:09

    Will that mean yet another property rates hike to pay for upgrades to Stadia?

  • DBN - 2009-08-13 11:51

    Yes, why not build a third stadium next to the other two!

  • Fizz - 2009-08-13 11:56

    @mikeh, Actually, The Moses Mabida Stadium does have an athletics track and the stadium has provision to increase its capacity from the current 70000 to 80000, the stadium will be of olympic quality 10 years before hand. There may need to be an upgrades for olympic Pools and such but otherwise the main infrastructure will already be in place, I think it would be brilliant to host the olympics in Durban.

  • Peter - 2009-08-13 12:03

    Again we want to bit of more than we can chew..... I must say Sutcliffe really knows his business... lose all his blue flag beaches, waste millions on senseless street name changes and now wanna waste millions more from firstly Durban ratepayers and second South African tax payers... way to go Mike... why not apply for presicdency in Zimbabwe .. you surely must have Roberta as your mentor in bankrupting whatever you are heading!

  • DBN2 - 2009-08-13 12:08

    Ah always good to know that there is money for the olympics but no money for more jobs or food. Suppose all the poor people will be shipped to the Karoo for the games and told to walk back!

  • jackey - 2009-08-13 13:50

    What is wromng with negative South African on this column,No poor people were mentioned when we bidded for the RWC, hosted the CWC & RWC but still when it comes to sports that are 'inferior' to them, all we hear is govermnent spending, poor people & all that rubbish...The Moses Mabhida Stadium & the Kings park precint are already there,we not building anymore stadiums but utilising what we have which will cost a whole lot less when we bid for the Olympics,...SA isn't immune to poor,staving people so where we won the RWC bid or Olympic bid there will still be vey poor & hungry people years after these event took place, so if YOU people do not have anything positive to say..SHUT up or Emigrate to countries where there no poor hungry people & where everythings work..YOU people are pathetic !!!!

  • Greg - 2009-08-13 16:17

    This is the most positive news Durban or South Africa could have. Just look at the benifits gained from 2010 World Cup already, and then to utlise these further for an Olympics is excellent. World Class Airport, Harbour, stadiums etc.. and the jobs to build and maintain these boosting the economy just when the rest of the world are in trouble. Not to mention Amazulu world theme park. Come on people get with the programme.

  • Mark - 2009-08-14 20:25

    They think an athletics stadium means you can host the Olympic Games. My favourite..."main infrastructure is already in place". Even London with wimbledon, wembley, lords, excel centre is spending R150 billion. wow the ignorance.

  • durbanite - 2010-06-23 22:39

    Although i am very very happy for south africa hosting the world cup. i dont think we should bid for the olympics yet. on 12th july we should put our minds to education, healthcare, jobs and crime and building a sophisticated country. as our country gets richer , more south africans will take up more and more diverse sports and maybe make a bid in 10 to 15 years time. i think we need to build homes and top class schools, increase pensions , disability grants etc. i do however think south africa should bid for african cup of antions, rugby world cups and cricket world cups

  • grootGert - 2010-06-23 23:30

    Please, not the olympics. The Soccer World Cup is fantastic and I am delighted that we are hosting that. There are, however, huge differences. For the SWC you only need to build soccer stadiums. For the Olympics you have to build stadiums and pavilions for all menner of sports. The SWC is spread over many cities, and therefore the benefits (and responsibility) is spread. The Olympics concentrates everything in one city. The SWC allows you to reap the immediate tourism benefits of the event over a whole month, while the Olympics is all focussed in two weeks. Lastly, the Olympics has an absolute dismal record in leaving its host cities/countries in debt or financial Ruin. Case in point - Montreal only paid of its 1976 Olympics debt two years ago. The Vancouver BC Olympics was a dead loss for the region (Whistler is up for sale), while the impact of the Athens Olympics on the national debt of Greece is significant. Please South Africa, do not fall for the nationalism wankery that is the Olympics. The SWC is good enough.

  • ouklip - 2010-06-24 01:43

    Johannesburg should convince the bid committe to let Gauteng and Joburg make a bid. I can not see 1 city doing it.

  • ROB LOBLAW - 2010-06-24 06:03

    The delusions of grandeur that comes with being a African country has once again reared its ugly head with Durban wanting to maybe host the Olympic Games. We live in a country with unacceptable high levels of poverty coupled with lack of decent education and health facilities yer the government wants to prove that we a rich nation. The World Cup will cost us dearly with years to come so lets try and swallow on that expense before we choke. Then lets try and alleviate poverty and maybe then we should bid for the Olympics!! And if you think FIFA runs a mafia style business...what until the IOC comes to town...backhanders will be the order of the day but on the other hand, this is South Africa and corrption is a national sport!!

  • Maka - JHB - 2010-06-24 07:43

    Durban is the obvious choice to host the Olympics. You have Summerveld in Shongweni for the horses, harbour and sea for sailing, midmar for rowing, mountain biking, the setup around the new stadium precint and most of all a warm winter climate. Cape - Town is our most beautiful city, we all know that, but the weather is not great come June - Aug and that is when the Olympics are. I vote for Durb's, and that's from a Joburger. PS- get that money hungry Suttcliffe jerk out of our bid team - please!

  • Jim Beam - 2010-06-24 07:52

    100% behind this bid it will really put Durban on the world map, the spin off is finally the rest of the city will be cleaned up and up graded ie the point road area, yes i can see the benefits once all the prostitutes and their Nigerian pimps and drug lords are cleared out.

  • Don - 2010-06-24 08:27

    Here we go..all the negative people crawling out the woodwork with all the same arguements that were used for the world cup and its here and its working.When are you going to realise we can do it and we are capable, I have heard about the poor (well so do most countries people, if it bothers you that much stop shopping at Woolies and give your money to them), the crime (no tourists murdered), our stadiums not getting completed (all done), our airports won't handle the influx (as far as I see they are fine), poor road network (a few hiccups but its working). I am for this as we can do it!!

  • @ouklip - 2010-06-24 11:46

    Guys people must understand that SA is not JHB, yes JHB is the biggest/richest city in africa but we must understand that we have 9 provinces in SA and Durban is in SA as well so, Why everything is about gauteng or JHB this is nonsense and it is unaccaptable for example we had 2 games for Bafana playing in gauteng why not MP or Limpopo, people should stop being selfish like Khoza and his friends.Thunukenenxeba

  • Exodian - 2010-06-25 03:16

    Better start building a Natrain??? Build another stadium and make sure to paint it white so it can fit with the other white elephants out there! Lets celebrate once our guests are safely in the air on their way home.

  • Trevor - 2010-06-25 14:43

    I think with all the negative comments, the point we are missing is the fact that the Olympics (we're gonna bid for) is a whole 10years away. Yes South Africa has many social problems and infrastructure issues...but if we aspire to actually be a first world country we need to develop from both ends...on one side dealing with the poverty and the other developing and renewing ourselves to first world standards. Otherwise we will always be a decade or two behind. In 10 years I am sure we will go a way in turning around the social disparities and in bringing events like the WC and Olympics adds impoteous to develop from the top as well...with spin off benefits that trickle down to all sectors of society. So bring it on...its not that we cannot afford it now...its a matter of we cannot afford to loose the momentum of both governement and private sectors to invest for the next 10 years and speed up the development we all wish to see.

  • Mahmood - 2010-06-27 22:26

    Let's separate sport from reality for a moment. South Africa has never been able to afford the SWC. Africa has never been. The Olympics is about one city. There isn't a single city on the continent capable of adequate service delivery whilst thinking of hosting the Olympics (Durban now looks like a tramp what splashed out on designer accessories). We really need to see the promised A1GP and 2010-legacies before putting in our bid at London 2012. Join the chorus - "No Olympics Here, For Africa Sake!"

  • proudly SA - 2010-06-28 11:23

    Moan Moan, that is all I hear from a certain sect of the South African population. When are you going to get it? Events like the WC and Olympics uplift all our lives in so many ways. The spirit of the naiton, job creation, life line when the world economy collapsed, job oppurtunities for the poor. All the infastructure the olympics will bring to Durban - olympic village - housing for the poor. Come on lets go for it. Forget about the moaners they want to immigrate to wonderful Australia any how.

  • Dante - 2010-06-28 22:41

    Are you doom prophets for real?Get over yourself and realise that the world is crazy over SA!Especially Cape Town is stealing the show!Of course they can see the poverty etc blabla but they want to be positive for all of you and us expats spread around the world!Guess what? Cape Town came second after Athens for 2004 Olympics ONLY because it was their centenary!WE almost had it and the bid was very successful!Cape Town MUST get 2020.Think of the young ones stop drowning in your own racist bile-it's not just that you are agains all things black there are us 'coloureds' and Indians and other nationalities born in SA do you really think the soil still belongs to the whites?Think of the young ones they could not give a f..k about your slobbery moans of the good ol groot trek days they are all mixed in at school and sharing the new SA yes things are still to change but hell stop your negativity it makes me sick!We are so proud being SA expats but you guys put yourselves to shame!Accept that SA never belonged to the European invaders so what if they brought religion and whiskey to bribe the locals hmm?It will still be long before all racist attitudes are removed it will never go away but dont you keep it alive!

  • Hloni - 2010-07-15 21:42

    Thats just a problem with some South African. we talk about the grants and jobs, did it occur to some PEOPLE that if we do host the Olympics people will get jobs, and lets stop blaming the gaverment for unemployment, if u don't have a job, create one, or do you want Zuma to come knocking at your door and say you're hired? please, or do you think a gogo at the corner of the street selling fruits she's stupid? No, she can't be hired by anyone, but she decided to do something for herself, all South Africans that complain about unemployment, are useless people, cos if you can't get it, create it. we even complains that we won't be able to host FIFA world cup, I don't blame the Western World for thinking inferior of use, cos we give them those ideas by thinking inferior of ourselves. and we proved the world wrong and some non soccer South African fans, that we can do it, and they even joined us, wearing Bafana shirts. its things like these we need to build ourselves. to be a one nation united. so lets stop all this rubbish negativity and start building our country. DURBAN 2020, feel it, cos its coming.

  • Kameni - 2010-07-21 22:09

    Sutcliffe is Corrupt Sutcliffe is milking the system . Where are the missing millions from the new eThekwini Stadium. Sutcliffe must go and collect the money he stole that is sitting in Australia. The ANC can do the bidding themselves with its new City Manager

  • zone - 2010-07-21 22:11

    Sutcliffe is corrupt. He still needs to explain the monies that are missing under his signatures.

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