Riis lifts lid on doping

2010-11-08 21:09

Copenhagen - Denmark's disgraced former Tour de France cycling champion Bjarne Riis has further lifted the lid on his doping practices during his cycling career.

In a book of confessions, Riis revealed how during the 1998 Tour de France he threw phials of EPO (erythropoietin) down the toilet after hearing that his Deutsche Telekom team would also be searched as part of the probe into the Festina doping scandal.

"In my room I didn't have a choice. My phials of doping products had to disappear quickly. In just a few minutes I gathered all my doses of EPO and threw them down the toilet," explained Riis.

Tour de France organisers in 2007 stripped Riis of his 1996 title after he admitted to doping when he won the race.

Saxo Bank team director Riis also admitted spending up to one million Danish Kroner (134,000 euros) on doping products.

"Doping products must have cost me between half a million and a million Kroner (67,000 to 134,000 euros today)," Riis told the daily Politiken.

Riis and his wife Anne Dorte told the weekly freesheet Soendagsavisen how doping became natural in their household with EPO being stored in the fridge in their kitchen.


  • Guy - 2010-11-08 21:56

    I suggest that you have the dopers race and the clean race. This race happens at the same time. The riders declare their status at the beginning of the Tour and that will end the debate forever. If a declared clean racer is discovered to be a doper then that is the end of his career forever. It doesn't matter if the dopers endanger their lives. We have smokers that endanger their lives everyday, so what is the difference.

  • Another Guy - 2010-11-09 11:47

    Hey Guy, I like that idea!

  • swart59 - 2010-11-21 21:37

    These drugs are not harmless guys - the idea behind doping control is not just to ensure a level playing field, but also to protect athletes against their own unhealthy ambitions. A doping free-for-all would be a freak show, with competitors literally dying during and after races.

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