Merckx sickened for cycling

2012-10-23 12:12

Bruxelles - Belgian cycling great Eddy Merckx said on Tuesday that he was sickened for his sport after Lance Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and banned for life.

"I'm sick, exclusively for my sport," 67-year-old Merckx, who has in the past defended the US cyclist, told Brussels daily Le Soir.

"I met Lance many times, he never spoke to me about doping, doctors or other things. He didn't have to report to me either, it was his problem but I fell into the trap. I'm amazed at him, above all after what he went through."

Cancer-survivor Armstrong returned from the illness to win cycling's premier race every year from 1999-2005.

After the American was stripped of his titles, Merckx, nick-named "The Cannibal" during his career, becomes the joint record holder again with five Tour de France titles - 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972 and 1974.

"I'm also angry at the riders for speaking to investigators," the Belgian added.

"Damn it, that they speak up at the time, at least that would be useful. Afterwards is too late. If a rider is concerned about questionable practices, it's his duty to speak up for the good of others."


  • kevin.moxham.3 - 2012-10-23 12:42

    Eddie you could be next - stripped of all 5 of your wins - after all you tested negative but these days this means positive.....!!

  • dekkeranton - 2012-10-23 13:19

    I’m sorry Mr Merckx, it is not only you that are sick of all of this controversy, but the sport of cycling that is sick and rotten to its core. No one, anywhere in the word, will ever believe the result of any cycling race, now, in the future, or even your wins in the past. What is next, re-testing everyone’s blood results since World War 2? Give Travis Tygart permission to exhume the bodies of long deceased champions and test them for “illegal” substances? How else can we believe any of those results or records? That is what you got from your entire “witch” hunt! You convicted Armstrong on the strength of the evidence given by known proven and convicted liars and cheats that was promised exoneration if they “participate”. Cycling will never again be respected as a competitive sport. Cancel the Tour de France, Giro de Italia, Tour of Spain, Tour of Britain, and Tour de Swiss, in fact shut down all cycling events for good, including dropping cycling from the Olympic program!

      janet.groenewald.9 - 2012-10-23 13:54

      Oh dekkeranton. Give it break. If you don't get it by now why Lance could not get away with it you never will. No hope for you or others like you. Cheats should never prosper and the "witch hunt" you are talking about is not true. The USADA have been trying for years to get their case in court but unfortunetley litigation in America takes years. Lance also hid behind Livestrong. He thought no one would be able to touch him and nobody would let the officials near him because people like you will squeal and throw their toys out the cot because of his cause. He lied and cheated everybody, including you by the way. He build this fantasy about him. Read his book, listen to his montivational speeches - all lies. Then you say he must still get away with it. Just by what you are saying, you are putting yourself in his category. No morals, no ethics and no integrity. Do you get it now??? He cheated and fraudulenty made a lot of money. He was the kingpin in keeping the doping alive and well in cycling.

      dekkeranton - 2012-10-24 08:45

      Janet, be very careful before you call people ugly names. First look at the process that was followed to destroy Lance Armstrong. Travis Tygard the boss of US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), and the main “witch hunter”, has been quoted years ago in the American press stating if he can land a big fish, like Armstrong, it will open many career doors for him in the USA and internationally. Disregarding the many pages of “so called” evidence that was presented by Tygard, there is still not one iota of physical evidence, like a positive drug test, anywhere in those volumes of “evidence”. All Tygard has got, is hearsay and circumstantial, untested, testimony from a bunch of known and legally convicted, drug cheats, liars, and fraudsters that was promised all sorts of exoneration and immunity if they testify against Armstrong. Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton, the two main “evidence” givers in this case, are known liars and being convicted in court for their lies and fraud.

      dekkeranton - 2012-10-24 09:21

      Armstrong was simply caught up in a massive political game and a personal quest by Travis Tygardt to improve his own standing. The entire exercise was not to uncover the truth, but to see if it is possible to crush one of the greats of all time. If you are going to deny Armstrong his rightful place in the history of cycling, who are you going to give those wins and record to? It seems that most of the aspirant beneficiaries of the fall of Armstrong are themselves tainted by drug convictions and allegations. Remember, Armstrong has not been convicted in a court for any wrong doing, what so ever. Not like Floyd Landis, Tyler Hamilton, Alberto Contador, Jan Ulllrich, Marco Pantani, Bjarne Riis, Micheal Rasmussen, Frank Schleck, and many more. Yet most of these convicted cheats still have their names on the honours roll of the Tour de France and are still proud holders of their Olympic medals. In fact, most of them are racing again, disregarding the fact that they were convicted in a court of law for being drug cheats. Doesn’t that say enough about this entire debacle, and how sick the sport of cycling is?

      dekkeranton - 2012-10-24 09:35

      By removing Lance Armstrong from the winning roster and history of the Tour de France, the French get exactly what they wanted all the years, and Jacques Anquetil and Bernard Hinault, two Frenchman are now top of the list of winners again with 5 wins each. Réjouissons-nous, le plus grand champion du tour de France est le français! ...même si nous avons eu de manipuler l'histoire un peu!

  • - 2012-10-23 14:32

    I simply can't believe it , After all he 'd been tested so many time, before n after every race .This whole thing is a big set up ,it really sucks!

  • burger.geldenhuys - 2012-10-24 02:51

    Janet.. Silence! You know nothing yet you comment as you know it all. How can you be tested and test negative yet be guilty!! That's what people are saying and you say he did it as if you were there!

  • michael.d.wilson.180 - 2012-10-24 12:12

    Pathetic, test after the event, inocent, well done, guilty then strip the person of the result and that should be the end of that, to test later is pathetic and ridiculous, what is ok today may be banned in later years, does that mean you are now a cheat ? this will ruin any sport if witch hunts like this carry on, test after the event, delare the result and move on to the next event.

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