Livestrong: Lance cuts all ties

2012-11-12 16:31

Austin - Lance Armstrong has cut formal ties with his cancer-fighting charity to avoid further damage brought by doping charges and being stripped of his seven Tour de France titles.

Armstrong resigned from the board of directors for Livestrong on November 4. He had previously resigned as chairperson from the charity he founded on October 17 but had kept a seat on the board.

The US Anti-Doping Agency ordered Armstrong to be banned from the sport for life and stripped of his titles. The International Cycling Union, which had originally supported Armstrong's fight, later agreed to wipe out Armstrong's record seven victories.

Livestrong spokesperson Katherine McLane said on Monday that Armstrong "remains the inspiration," and is still its largest donor with nearly $7m over the years.

In a statement, new board chairperson Jeff Garvey said Armstrong resigned from the board to spare the organisation any negative effects resulting from the controversy surrounding his cycling career.

"Lance Armstrong was instrumental in changing the way the world views people affected by cancer. His devotion to serving survivors is unparalleled and for 15 years, he committed himself to that cause with all his heart," Garvey said.

Armstrong has not commented publicly on the USADA report and recently returned to Austin from Hawaii. Over the weekend, he posted a photograph on Twitter of him lying on a couch at his home with seven yellow Tour de France jerseys mounted on the wall.

Armstrong has also lost his personal sponsors, including Nike and brewing giant Anheuser-Busch, who dropped their contracts with him or said they would not renew when current deals expire.

USADA's report accused Armstrong of helping to run "the most sophisticated, professionalised and successful doping program that sport has ever seen" within his US Postal Service and Discovery Channel teams.

The USADA report said Armstrong and his teams used steroids, the blood booster EPO and blood transfusions. The report included statements from 11 former team-mates who testified against Armstrong.

Armstrong denies doping, pointing to hundreds of passed drug tests. But he chose not to fight USADA in one of the agency's arbitration hearings, saying the process was biased against him. Former Armstrong team director Johan Bruyneel is also facing doping charges, but he is challenging the USADA case in arbitration.


  • - 2012-11-12 16:46

    You still have sexy legs!

  • squeegee.pilot - 2012-11-12 17:32

    Fight against Cancer = 1; Lance = 0.

      Kevin - 2012-11-12 17:49

      and whats your point..?

  • John - 2012-11-12 17:40

    Tell them to shove their arbitration! Do not submit to their bull! Make them prove their case! You are INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty BEYOND reasonable doubt! Just prove reasonable DOUBT!

      pierre.flyadvertising - 2012-11-12 17:47

      He's guilty as anything!Take your head out the sand wally!

      Kevin - 2012-11-12 18:00

      John at last someone with some logic - most tested athlete of all time - all tests negative versus some cyclist's that are bribed to testify against LA with a reward of a 6 month ban during the offseason - until some one shows me a positive test result he is innocent..!!

      John - 2012-11-12 19:37

      Hey Pierre, have you got any evidence beyond your ASSUMPTIONS? Never make assumptions, one is generally WRONG! and is NOT evidence.

      julius.malememba.7 - 2012-11-13 17:16

      and even if he was doping ... he was just competing against other dopers who also got away with it ... playing field was even ... Cycling will never be clean from this ... it is just a witch hunt and LA is the puppet used to try to hide their embarrassment at being conned so easily and so long!!!

  • shalner.adonis - 2012-11-12 17:41

    What did you do that would set someone out to destroy you, Lance? I suspect someone has it in for him.

  • kendall.wiliams - 2012-11-12 18:26

    Lance come to the table!!!!!! Tell the truth???? Just say it like it is!!!!!!! You have some awesome supporters owe us the truth.

      jae.type - 2012-11-12 19:44

      Just wait for the book......It's going to come!

      jan.vos.353 - 2012-11-13 12:14

      He is telling the truth, he didn't use it. It's all a scam against him, if he admits to it he will sit in jail for lying under oath. Naaaa Lance, don't do anything just keep a low profile, you've done enough in being a winner 7 times of the most grueling race in history. I still think you're the best!

  • Mosa Nkoane Libra - 2012-11-12 18:45

    despite the doping, he's a good man. he contributed a lot to people living with cancer and he should be thanked for that, but nah sponsers drop him like rotten tomato. Some people criticise him. thats

      henri.laurie.7 - 2012-11-12 21:00

      So true, cannot agree more !!

  • henri.laurie.7 - 2012-11-12 21:01

    Lance, still the greatest cyclist of all time... no discussion !!

      nadine.devilliers - 2012-11-13 15:20

      then why comment if there is no discussion... gosh you are as stupid as Lance Armstrong!!

  • niel.vanniekerk.9 - 2012-11-18 09:55

    This saga is becoming ridiculous, in Lance's position I would have withdrawn long ago already. What about other cyclists of the same era why are they persecuted ? I suppose there are no money to be made out of it What about other sports? I will never condone doping, but this saga is really getting to me now, can I aver again support cycling and especially UCI, after the way in which this was handeled?

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