Evans crashes out Cape Epic

2011-03-28 09:54

Cape Town - One of the most prolific mountain bikers in the history of the sport in South Africa, Kevin Evans, is out of the Absa Cape Epic race.

Evans and team-mate David George were one of the favourite teams to take top honours in this year’s event. Evans’s brakes failed on the second steep descent of the day.

Says Kevin Evans (of team 360LIFE): “After the second long climb of the day in Fisantboskloof, with a very steep descent, I realised my brakes weren’t working. I was going way to fast and needed to pick a landing spot. I crashed really hard and knew immediately I was unlikely to get up. We rode to the nearest marshals and they confirmed that I would not be riding again this week. My collar bone was definitely broken.

“I can’t tell you how disappointed I feel. Both Dave (George) and I really looked forward to this year’s race and were in excellent shape. I’m so sorry for Dave and the team, as well as our sponsors. It’s the same collar bone I broke eight years ago. It was plated and screwed, and I never bothered to have it removed as it didn’t bother me. I’m on my way to the same specialist I went to then and he’ll need to decide whether he’s going to remove everything and start again.”

To the question of his history with the race - having had bad luck last year when his riding partner Alban Lakata broke the front wheel of his bike – Evans simply answers that he will be back.

“I’ll be coming back till I get it right. It’s not the amount of times you get knocked down that matter, but the amount of times you get up again.”

Evans will be joining David George and the team again at this year’s race if he is not operated on.

Evans confirmed his misfortune on Twitter, writing: Collar bone is broken, but my heart is shattered.

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  • Desire - 2011-03-28 10:08

    Such horrific grammar!!!!!!!! Was this written /edited by an idiot?

      BrettPresent - 2011-03-28 10:13

      Example? I can't see it...

      stabes - 2011-03-28 10:58


  • Rincewind - 2011-03-28 10:11

    The article about shell exploring for gas is even worse! Has news24 been hijacked by imbeciles?

  • shrubber - 2011-03-28 10:21

    Don't dare criticize grammar, spelling, etc on rugby365 ..... you just get told that "this is a rugby site and it isn't important"...... plus the inane invective to go with it of course.......

      BrettPresent - 2011-03-28 11:26

      I think anyone with half a brain in their head knows that the maintenance of grammar and spelling standards is extremely important, and anyone who brings the nature of the site or the content into the equation as a reason for ignorance is, well, just ignorant. That said, I fail to find any fault with the above article?

  • Chris Merida - 2011-03-28 10:48

    What you are all missing is that South Africa's top contenders are out of the Epic, very sad. :(

      PR Ackerman - 2011-03-28 11:10

      I agree, forget about the grammar, the real issue is the fact that an SA-only-team-win is now no more. Kevin worked really hard to get back into form after his December Appendectomy, a sad day.

  • XAD - 2011-03-28 10:58

    Very sad. Guess his 'victory video' has to wait another year.

  • amanda.duplooy - 2011-03-28 14:19


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