Cycling could get Olympic chop

2013-01-15 22:05

London - Cycling could be dropped from the Olympic program if Lance Armstrong implicates the sport's governing body of covering up a widespread doping scheme, International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Dick Pound told Reuters on Tuesday.

Pound said the IOC might be left with no choice other than to take drastic action if Armstrong proved the International Cycling Union (UCI) had acted improperly.

"The only way it is going to clean up is if all these people say 'hey, we're no longer in the Olympics and that's where we want to be so let's earn our way back into it,'" Pound said in a telephone interview.

Pound made his comments after talk show host Oprah Winfrey confirmed media reports that Armstrong admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs in an interview that was taped on Monday and will be broadcast on Thursday and Friday.

"The IOC would have to deal with it, the (UCI) is not known for its strong actions to anti-doping," said Pound, the former head of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

"It was the same in weightlifting a few years ago, all of a sudden when you get right up against it things go fuzzy and they say, 'well, we can't punish innocent athletes in these sports by dropping the sport from the program.'"

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  • sean.bagley.50 - 2013-01-16 00:51

    Let the lawsuits begin already.This guy Armstrong rides a bike,like most of us do,so why is that other than the big ego's in the athletics world even a headline?In the real world with real problems and issues,not this doping BS,does his nonsense even bother the average man and woman in the street?And was it even necessary for Orca Winfrey to interview him?

  • NickFort - 2013-01-16 05:58

    Have a separate Olympics like the para Olympics for dopers let's see how far they can push the human body

      an.a.969 - 2013-01-16 08:05

      I really did Lol!

  • dylan1972 - 2013-01-16 06:19

    WOOD - world Olympics of Doping... A catchy name for those that want to push the boundaries in sport at any cost... Who knows, this may just be the elixir the world of sport is looking for!

  • pieter.samie - 2013-01-16 06:48

    Great news! Please tell me how you deem this 'a beautiful game'? Cyclists never even smile?

  • david.maree.92 - 2013-01-16 07:10

    So many innocent cyclist are suffering!

  • an.a.969 - 2013-01-16 08:09


  • Anga Satula - 2013-01-16 09:45

    Yes they shud, i undastand all other athletes will suffer but we cn nt perpetuate the cycle by letting the law breakers scott free nd continue 2 do as they plz.. cycling shud b let back in2 the Olympics only once the the IOC and WADA have a grip on the situation nd eliminate those who choose 2 break rules!! We as a global nation love sport nd the sportsmanship that comes with it and refuse 2 tolerate disgrace brought 2 this community's elegance nd favourite pass-time!!!! We need 2 smoke out the rodents nd critters!!

  • mark.theunissen1 - 2013-01-16 10:13

    All pro cyclists are dopers and yes they never smile nor say hi when they come past the runners - Its really the DARKSIDE.

  • esme.pretorius.71 - 2013-01-21 13:23

    NCE ARMSTRONG-set his goal to be #1, because of that, he is now being persecuted. A guy who gets 10th place in a race taking the same steroids as Lance, gets no blame as he is not in the lime light, he is happy to sit at number 10, not aspiring to anything more!! Lance worked hard to get to where he did. He trained just as hard as the rest, he underwent the same amount of training and pain. Yes, he messed up along the way, but don't we all? Just because he is #1 does not make what he did any worse than anyone else's faults. A body builder who takes steroids does not get muscles from sitting on the couch. He had to work just as hard to achieve the same, if not more than other athletes.

  • esme.pretorius.71 - 2013-01-21 13:25¬if_t=feed_comment

  • esme.pretorius.71 - 2013-01-21 13:26

    How do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger got to the size he was? Sushi??? I don't think so. Why has he not been stripped of his titles? Comparing Julius Malema to Lance Armstrong - hardly, no matter how fast Julius can ride a bicycle through the Free-state singing "kill the Boer". Lance used a product to enhance his talent. I use viagra. I guarantee you that Lance is NOT the only cyclist using a banned substance just his bad luck that he was put under the microscope for winning. Do you think if I start taking steroids tomorrow and start cycling the day after that I may win the Tour de France 7 times consecutively? It's not the STEROIDS. It's the man's courage, mindset and determination. The tallest trees in the forest catch the most amount of wind but the weeds do all the damage.

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