Armstrong interview 'pathetic'

2013-01-20 14:52

Adelaide - Cycling Australia president Klaus Mueller has launched a stinging attack on Lance Armstrong, labelling the self-confessed drug cheat delusional following his interview with Oprah Winfrey.

"It was the most phoney, half-hearted, appalling confession from a bloke who has been so reprehensible in his conduct," Mueller told News Limited newspapers on Sunday.                   

"It was half-baked and pathetic. He's verging on delusional.

"There was a lack of any real contrition, there was no real apology to the sport to which he's done enormous damage.

"That was the most disappointing of all, the lack of acknowledgement to the damage he's done to the sport."

Mueller, a Melbourne barrister who argues that doping should be a criminal offence, said Armstrong's confession was designed to protect his wealth.

Mueller has promised to implement the key recommendations of an independent review into the sport in Australia, which followed the resignations of men's road coach Matt White and vice-president Stephen Hodge after doping revelations.

"If you cheat to obtain a financial advantage, it ought to be criminal conduct," he said. "He (Armstrong) ought to be thankful he's not getting a protracted view from behind bars.

"I have urged the (Australian) government to make cheating in sport, whether it's doping or betting, criminal conduct."

In the first instalment of the Oprah Winfrey interview aired on Thursday, the 41-year-old Armstrong admitted for the first time that an array of performance-enhancing drugs helped sweep him to a record seven Tour de France titles from 1999-2005. The second segment was aired on Friday.


  • - 2013-01-20 17:07

    I enjoyed the interview with OW. He came clean and did the first step by confessing. What was he supposed to have done give a step by step of how he doped? Come on catch a wake up before calling the interview pathetic we will learn more (hopefully) in time. Bestrong LA!

      werner.nel.984786 - 2013-01-21 09:47

      Ok, how about the fact that he still lied. He lied to Oprah's face. 1) He said he never put any of his team mates under pressure to dope. Explain then why Frankie Andreu's salary got reduced to almost nothing after he refused to continue doping for USPS 2) His ex wife Kristan knew full well about all the doping, she even carried it for some riders 3) He said he didn't collude with the UCI about sweeping his positive test under the carpet in 2001, his entire team say other wise. And a question that I would like to ask is. "If you weren't caught when did you plan to call up all those people you publicly disgraced with his lies, those people that you stepped on etc to apologise?"

  • Anthony Mayoss - 2013-01-20 19:32

    I am actually impressed by what Lance Armstrong has done. When I was on drugs, I couldn't even find my bike.

  • - 2013-01-21 09:57

    every cyclist in the tour de france was doping in his time, and still today. they just didn't win. what i would like to see is all those who did dope put their hands up and say "i am also guilty". the only reason why armstrong is getting so much heat is because he was the winner on 7 occasions. yes he got the financial rewards, but if another cyclist was in his position, they would have done the same. my conclusion to this is he ended up being the best of the dopers. what also gets me is how his fellow team mates sold him down the river!! they are just as guilty as him. they should also be band for life. i bet lance has so much more to say, but won't to protect the sport of cycling. he has taking the fall for many here i believe.

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