Corrie: Lions donate money

2012-09-25 22:32

Cape Town - The Golden Lions Rugby Union (GLRU) has donated money to help the family of deceased boxing champion Corrie Sanders.

GALLERY: Sanders in pictures

VIDEO: Sanders knocks out Klitschko

The former WBO champion Sanders died on Sunday morning after being shot when a group of armed men entered the restaurant where he was celebrating the 21st birthday of his nephew with other family members in Brits, North West.

Kevin de Klerk, president of the GLRU, told Beeld that they decided to make a donation to honour a "big sporting hero of South Africa".

De Klerk did not specify how much the donation from the Lions was.

"He was a big hero for our people and the money goes to his children, Dean (11) and Marinique (15), and also to help with the funeral costs.

Another former boxing champion and a friend of Sanders, Kallie Knoetze, said several members of the public have also donated money to help pay for the funeral.

Sanders will be buried on Monday at a church in the north of Pretoria.

His second-round knockout of Wladimir Klitschko in Germany in 2003 was considered one of the biggest upsets in heavyweight boxing. He lost to Wladimir's older brother Vitali for the vacant WBC title the following year.

A southpaw renowned for his hand speed, Sanders retired in 2008 with a 42-4 record, including 31 knockouts.


  • barry.colyn.3 - 2012-09-25 22:47

    Well done to the Lions for donating the money, we enjoyed the entertainment that Corrie provided us, Rip

  • vernon12345 - 2012-09-25 23:22

    Well done Lions

  • Mandy Casey - 2012-09-25 23:31

    Where are the other Rugby unions? Put your hands in the pockets.

      keith.gough - 2012-09-25 23:37

      Where are the promotors who made money out of him (and other boxers)

  • Isobel Smith - 2012-09-25 23:41

    well done lions i agree where are the boxing promoters all SA sporting unions should show respect for this brave man defending his family Come on

  • ivan.devries.7 - 2012-09-26 01:30

    Salute to the lions.

  • Annelize Buitendach-Roesch - 2012-09-26 03:24

    Well done to the Lions and all the other people. It remain tragic that Corrie was shot in front of his children and passed away as a result of it. Sebenza plse get off your bitter horse and Robert your comment is really uncalled for.

  • ezekielmooko.mooko - 2012-09-26 05:43

    May the Mighty God be with Corrie s family an children during this dark cloud.

  • tebogo.makaneta - 2012-09-26 07:12

    We don't have to know that the Lions donated something,it should be between the family and the Lions. And it should have nothing to do with the media. Aai

      Mandla - 2012-09-26 07:45

      my friend its not the time for criticize news24 does not mean u must criticize everything,eih madoda!

  • nico.pretorius.946 - 2012-09-26 07:15

    Well done Lions, setting the example!

  • khathu.rasi - 2012-09-26 07:49

    RIP Corrie, you are already missed,But why the donation, bcos the man was a Big Champion? Where did the money go to? PROMOTERS MAYBE?

  • rory.beckett.96 - 2012-09-26 09:50

    Thats why the lions are in all sorts of trouble. Corrie not the first sports person to have died and been in a financial situation. Soccer players and many runners have been there, why highlight this sports person. Bet he wasnt even a lion supporter. Dumb more lions. Me will be watching when something similar happens to another sporting star.

      johannes.barnard.77 - 2012-09-27 13:55

      Maybe the soccer players wasn't world champions

  • johannes.barnard.77 - 2012-09-27 13:44

    Good on you LIONS !!, if it was the Queens , Cheeky properly would have donated the money for a defence lawyer for the shooters !!!

  • luis.bon.10 - 2012-10-02 01:39

    How can we donate money here?

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