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    Can you name the most capped Springbok captains?

    2018-06-07 12:38

    Think you know your Springbok stuff? Let's see if you can name the 15 players to have skippered the side most often...

    Can you name the UEFA Cup and Europa League winners since 1972?

    2018-05-15 11:14

    While we find ourselves sitting around waiting for the much anticipated Champions League final, don't let that distract you from another classic...

    Can you name the Top 10 Masters finishers since 2000?

    2018-04-04 12:41

    The Masters is here and we’re gearing up for the most exciting tournament of the year.

    Can you name the Bulls and Stormers teams from the 2010 Super 14 final?

    2018-03-27 13:49

    Whatever your allegiance, the meeting of the Bulls and the Stormers is always one filled with fire and brimstone.

    Can you name every scorer in United v Liverpool games over the last 20 years?

    2018-03-09 12:12

    They may not be the teams they once were, but no fixture gets the blood pumping quite like Manchester United versus Liverpool.

    Can you name the starting XI of both teams in Barcelona’s away goals win at Stamford Bridge in 2009?

    2018-02-20 08:57

    There’s been no shortage of drama when Chelsea and Barceona have met in European competition.

    Can you name the top Super Rugby tryscorers of all-time?

    2018-02-15 10:18

    Think you know your Super Rugby? Maybe so ... but can you name the top tryscorers of all time?

    Can you name the top goalscorers in north London derby history?

    2018-02-09 12:26

    There’s nothing in football quite like a local rivalry. Near the top of that list: The north London derby.

    Can you name the Six Nations all-time top tryscorers?

    2018-02-01 11:21

    Call us old-fashioned, but we enjoy some good old-fashioned Six Nations rugby. How well do you know your stuff?

    Can you name the 10 players who have played under both Wenger and Mourinho?

    2018-01-25 08:57

    Think you know your English Premier League history? Think again!

    Can you name facts about FA Cup finals since 1992?

    2018-01-05 18:05

    Think you know your FA Cup stuff? Can you name facts about every final since 1992?

    Can you name every El Clasico goalscorer since 2000?

    2017-12-21 11:07

    You’ve got 15 minutes to name every goalscorer in Spain's 'El Clasico' since the start of the millennium.

    Can you name the starting XI of every EPL winning team?

    2017-12-14 13:17

    Can you name the most-used players from all the teams to have lifted the Premier League title to date?

    Can you name the all-time top Sevens try-scorers?

    2017-11-27 11:58

    The HSBC Sevens returns this week and we’ve got a quiz to get you in the mood.

    Can you name England's whitewashed 2013/14 Ashes squad?

    2017-11-21 10:37

    Know your Ashes stuff? If so, tackle this almost impossible, yet highly addictive quiz!

    Can you name all Italy's SWC opponents?

    2017-11-15 09:56

    Italy won't be at the 2018 Soccer World Cup, but can you name every one of their opponents dating back to the very first tournament?

    Name the Top 5 EPL goalscorers - by continent

    2017-11-10 12:54

    Can you name the top five English Premier League goalscorers from each continent?

    Name every Ballon d’Or winner

    2017-11-10 12:14

    The Ballon d’Or is the biggest individual prize in world football. Can you guess every recipient going back to 1956?

    Top 10 teenage EPL goalscorers

    2017-11-15 10:29

    Do you know who the Top 10 Premier League goalscorers are?

    Can you name the 7 EPL players to have scored 100 goals for 1 club?

    2017-11-15 10:29

    Can you name the seven players to have played for just one Premier League club and scored more than 100 goals?


    “The 2018 Soccer World Cup has already gripped the imagination of the nation. And we’re not even finished the first round of group matches! ”
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