Beer still king in SA

2009-12-17 08:13

Cape Town - Beer is still king amongst our country’s sports fans – according to a recent reader survey on Sport24, the sports website most South Africans like to visit. However, despite their undoubted love for beer, Sport24 users would still choose Springbok Test tickets ahead of free beer!

Over 7,000 readers took part in the Sport24 survey in October; with questions ranging from readers’ basic particulars, to internet usage, to – most importantly, some would say – the readers’ favourite social drink.

Beer, as one would imagine, led the way with Sport24 readers; some 35.23% admitting to chugging the amber nectar on a regular basis. Worryingly, however, is that soft drinks came second with 22.16%, followed by wine – regular order restored! – spirits, cider and, finally, ‘other’ beverages.

Interestingly, whilst beer might be the chosen drink for most Sport24 readers, those same readers confessed that they would prefer free Springbok tickets above the possibility of free beer – once again proving just where their priorities are.

However, whilst the majority of Sport24s male users (70.28% of the survey participants were male) like to sip on a social beer, just under 30% of the participants admitted to using moisturiser, with a further 27.91% making regular use of face wash.

Some 26.51% claim not to use any male grooming products at all, but another 23.84% are regular hair gel users – adding credence to the theory that more and more males (sports fans and sportsmen) around the world are, in fact, metrosexuals.

“I am a little concerned about those lemonade drinking moisturiser-users I have to say,” chuckled Sport24 Publisher Andrew ‘Tank’ Lanning.

“(It’s) probably the Smart Alec’s posting highfalutin, long-winded comments on Saturday and Sunday mornings! That said, I have been known to dunk my hair in a barrel of mega-hold gel while sucking on an ice cold ‘Rooi Ambulaans’ on the odd Sunday morning! Sport24 caters to all us sport fans, you see... ”

Stay tuned to Sport24 this week as we continue to give you all the facts and figures based on one of South Africa’s largest-ever online sports surveys.

Sport24, on top of your game!

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  • KF - 2009-12-17 08:41

    as much as Beer is a good thing it should be limited or banned at sporting events. My family and I were at the cricket yesterday and had personal possesions damaged as a result. It was completely unpleasant for us as a family and left early as a result. I used to be a heavy drinker so understand both sides and there is no consideration for others when the beer is flowing.

  • AL - 2009-12-17 08:52

    "amber nectar" - respect!!

  • ConcernedFan - 2009-12-17 14:45

    I agree, ban booze at sport events. The guys at Loftus can't handle their liquor.

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