R3.5m sports car for Oscar

2013-01-20 14:46

Johannesburg - Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius bought himself a McLaren supercar as a Christmas gift for a successful year, the Sunday Times reported.

"I drive a McLaren - a gift I got for myself for this Christmas and the next one," he told the newspaper.

The car reportedly sells for over R3.5m.

Pistorius said the car was to spoil himself for a "good year".

He became the first double leg amputee to participate in the Olympics in London last year. He also participated in the Paralympics, winning gold in the men's 400m and the 4100m relay.

Pistorius, who has been signed as the face of M-Net Movies' Academy Awards publicity campaign, already has an estimated R17m in endorsements from Nike, Oakley, British telecommunications company BT and Thierry Mugler perfume.

He told the newspaper the many international leaders and celebrities he met last year included the ruling emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, and FIFA boss Sepp Blatter.


  • - 2013-01-20 15:13

    Good for him... a go getter who deserves it!

      jako.merwe - 2013-01-20 16:01

      absolutely. Go getter is the best way to describe him

      preshen.govender.3910 - 2013-02-15 12:25

      The value depreciated now

  • abner.mophethe - 2013-01-20 16:01

    just watchout for potholes

  • andrew.d.adams.1 - 2013-01-20 16:17

    Nothing wrong with that, Oscar deserves it. No corrupt tender or stealing of tax money involved.

  • sicelo.brukwe.9 - 2013-01-20 16:40

    Our Lance Amstrong?

      mhla.nombembe - 2013-01-20 16:50

      Not all hard working athlets have Amstrong attitude . So change yo attitude . .

      avremel.niselow - 2013-01-20 17:25

      Stop being jealous.

      sicelo.brukwe.9 - 2013-01-20 19:14

      Its just a question so please this is a democratic country and any one should feel free to ask what is on his/her minds. Are your heads empty?

      leigh.johnson.1441 - 2013-02-14 09:40

      Wow... you're kindoff a jerk.. Has he ever been even accused of ALLEGEDLY using prohibited substances? No.. Has several people testified that Oscar has used prohibited substances? No... You're a real jerk mate.

      sicelo.brukwe.9 - 2013-02-14 17:33

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha and what do you say now assho**es!!

  • mhla.nombembe - 2013-01-20 16:48

    CONGRAAAAAA Oscar yu desrve it ntsizwa!!!!!!!

  • Doorboot - 2013-01-20 17:28

    Great car for a great athlete with fantastic taste

  • hugh.olphart - 2013-02-07 14:01

    Go fast or go home they say. Good stuff.

  • leigh.johnson.1441 - 2013-02-14 09:42

    Congrats mister hope you have years of fun

  • melinda.botha.75 - 2013-02-14 10:55

    what the hell does this got to do with the shooting? the media just don't give people there freedom

      gwydion.lvz - 2013-02-14 11:26

      It has nothing to do with the shooting.... look at when the article was post. and the previous comments. Dink.

      junior.mahlo.9 - 2013-02-14 17:09

      Lol haaa this is going to be a worse year of his life....i advice him to donate this car to me.....i wont mind buying vaseline every week for him

      sicelo.brukwe.9 - 2013-02-14 17:36

      @Melinda how much zols did you smoke with uncle Francois?

  • sicelo.brukwe.9 - 2013-02-14 17:27

    En nou Papa wag vir jou Oscar!! - 2013-02-15 13:52


      sicelo.brukwe.9 - 2013-02-15 21:47

      Start with the middle one and then my balls

  • skiapas - 2013-02-14 18:53

    ....oscar is a loser, a fraud, a nobody.....look at him now- just another common criminal !!

  • cobus.fenwick - 2013-02-14 19:25

    It seems to me that he is a go-get-her. Easy to reply on things and make assumptions. Just because he is what he is, does it realy make him different to anybody else that buys a sportscar? Sometimes a disadvantage can be a advantage. If he has a passion for a sportscar, let it be and good for him.

  • debbiewiblin - 2013-02-14 22:29

    From a 3.5mill car to a jail cell...BEEEEG difference!!!

  • debbiewiblin - 2013-02-14 22:32

    from a 3.5 mill car to a jail cell??? big difference!!

  • Hansie.Crook - 2013-02-15 09:23

    R3.5 million car from his hard and honestly earned cash... What is the problem? Where is the problem? What is the story here....Why didnt you publish the story during Christmas last year when he bought it?

  • niel.walt - 2013-02-15 12:33

    News24 wtf does this have to do with anything? Just shut up till you have useful information.

  • niel.walt - 2013-02-15 12:33

    News24 wtf does this have to do with anything? Just shut up till you have useful information.

  • princess.nguni - 2013-02-15 20:46

    Free publicity for MacLaren. Meanwhile, Ms Steenkamp is still dead. But by all means, lets focus on the car... Nx!

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