Oscar to appear on magic show

2013-07-08 16:00

Cape Town - Oscar Pistorius, who stands accused of murdering girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp earlier this year, is set to appear on English magician Dynamo’s new show.

According to the Mail Online's website, the scenes for the third series of Magician Impossible were shot back in November when Dynamo - whose real name is Steven Frayne - was on tour in South Africa.

And despite the Paralympic athlete standing trial, the show will go ahead, the website reports.

TV channel Watch did consider axing the scene but has decided to go ahead barring any new developments in the case.

A source told The Sun that it would not be disrespectful to Steenkamp’s parents, saying Pistorius’s segment would be presented as part of Dynamo’s journey through South Africa.

"It is just a short clip of Oscar doing a magic stunt with Dynamo and is a small part of the overall show," the source said.

"The episode it is due to feature in hasn’t been finished yet and bosses did consider whether it should be cut. But they have decided it will stay, barring any major new evidence that comes to light in Oscar’s case.

"But they are continuing to monitor the situation to see if anything happens that would cause them to take it out."

Pistorius will next appear in court on August 19, which co-incidentally would have been Steenkamp's 30th birthday.

Details of his appearance on Magician Impossible are under wraps, although it is believed they are due to air in the third episode of the series on July 25.


  • Jurgen Rombouts - 2013-07-08 15:25

    This will be a great magic trick. Oscar standing on a stage, and the boofff he's in jail, now that would be a great trick ! The guy doesn't deserve any happiness, and should become someone's wife in jail !

  • Vuurwarm Tannie - 2013-07-08 15:46

    Love you Oscar!

      Grant Durban - 2013-07-08 17:56

      You are an idiot

  • Louise Venter Coetser - 2013-07-08 16:05

    Is he going to make his PIN number disappear/REAPPEAR ????

  • Ryan Deacon - 2013-07-08 16:19

    Bullet Dodging?

  • Pamela Valemont - 2013-07-09 07:26

    Things have changed dramatically and drastically for Oscar Pistorius since the trial date has been rescheduled to August 19th, the date of what would have been Reeva Steenkamp’s 30th birthday. On the 22nd of July, he will enter a parlous and perilous numerological cycle, which will continue through to the 22nd of November, 2013. The trial date falls within that time frame, and this does not bode at all well for Oscar. If you would like to read my updated ebook, (which also includes my unique findings hidden within Reeva's paintings which eerily forecast not only the tragedy but the calendar date and geographical location of it as well) “Oscar Pistorius Reeva Steenkamp A Double Tragedy”, please either go to Lulu and type in my name, Pamela Lillian Valemont or follow this link: Also available in hard or soft cover. Thank you.

  • Moe Madibo - 2013-07-10 16:34

    hopefully theyl make him disappear "POOF"

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