Marathon over for disabled Kidd

2011-06-07 10:44

London - Former daredevil motorcyclist Eddie Kidd, who was left severely disabled after an accident, has completed the London Marathon after two months on the road.

The British stunt rider walked a mile a day since the April 17 event and was greeted at the finish line near Buckingham Palace by former boxer Michael Watson, who himself completed the 2003 race after he was disabled in a 1991 bout.

Kidd, 51, was helped on his route by actor Ray Winstone, Madness singer Suggs and Welsh band The Stereophonics and has raised £75 000 for the charities Children with Leukaemia and the Eddie Kidd Foundation.

The biker's charity helps stunt performers and professional extreme sportsmen and women whom have suffered serious injuries.

Kidd was left brain damaged when a motorbike stunt went wrong and walked the route using a special frame.

His wife Sam, 42, said: "It's the best thing Eddie has ever done. I'm so proud of him."