Johnson: I didn't back Oscar

2011-12-07 21:03

Cape Town - Michael Johnson wouldn't have cleared Oscar Pistorius to run in able-bodied races but, now the decision has been made, the retired 400m great wants to see the double-amputee athlete "do the best he can possibly do."

Pistorius's possible participation at next year's London Olympics may not have the world record-holder's full support, but Johnson told The Associated Press he admired the South African as "the poster boy" for athletes overcoming disability.

The two have become good friends, and shared a stage at a sports conference on Wednesday.

In interviews with the AP, Johnson said he was "very supportive" of Pistorius, while Pistorius said he wasn't trying to prove a point in his mission to make the games.


  • Chloe - 2011-12-07 21:27

    Oscar is a show-boat, and does not belong on the same track as the big boys. No disrespect but fact is fact.

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