Christie in head-on car crash

2010-05-19 16:30

London - Former Olympic champion Linford Christie needed hospital treatment after being involved in a head-on car crash, according to reports in England on Wednesday.

Christie was driving his Audi A8 along a country road in Buckinghamshire when it collided with a taxi late on Tuesday night.

The 50-year-old was said to have staggered from the wreckage of his car before two ambulances were called to the scene.

Christie, who won gold in the 100m at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona and was banned for using performance-boosting drugs in 1999, was taken to hospital before being discharged after treatment.

Three other people involved in the smash were detained in hospital. The taxi driver broke both arms and legs as well as a foot and ankle, while two male passengers in his Mercedes suffered broken bones.

A police spokesperson told The Sun: "They remain in hospital in a serious but stable condition."

According to The Sun, Christie and the taxi driver were breathalysed but neither tested positive and no charges have been brought.