ASA to replace sacked boss

2012-11-19 11:54

Johannesburg - Athletics South Africa (ASA) will replace its recently sacked CEO, Frik Vermaak, with a general secretary, the federation has announced.

"Following a recent decision to align the position of the head of the administration with international norms, the position of chief executive officer will be done away with and replaced with that of a general secretary," ASA said in a statement.

The main focus of the job would be to "ensure the smooth running of the organisation's administration and finances".

Applications for the position would be accepted until November 30.

Vermaak, appointed in December last year, was fired in September after he was found guilty in a disciplinary hearing of gross misconduct, gross dishonesty and poor work performance.

He said he would challenge the dismissal.


  • mmoledis - 2012-11-19 16:11

    ASA should stop its internal fightings and concentrate on grooming sports in this country, we want this country to be the best in Africa if not the world, they must start to develop especially athletics for this country from school level with the help of Minister of sports,all sports MECs and department of education, by bringing back those days where schools used to have proper athletic competitions from school levels up to national level, where schools from one area compete and winners go compete with other schools in the region, then provincial level and national level where also during those competitons up and coming young athlets are spotted and be groomed for future competitons for the country, they must stop focusing only on universities for sports as we are not all equal to can go to universities where people can be spoted.

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