ASA official wins CCMA case

2010-09-02 14:38

Johannesburg - Athletics South Africa communications manager Ethel Manyaka will return to work on Friday after winning a case against the federation's interim administrators at the CCMA.

Manyaka said she was forced into taking indefinite unpaid study leave in June.

She was told she could return to her post after disciplinary hearings had been completed against suspended board members and employees, and the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC), running ASA since November last year, handed control of the sport back to the federation.

Manyaka informed ASA assistant administrator Richard Stander via e-mail that she did not agree with the suspension, as she had not been accused of any wrong doing.

Stander said he would take the matter to the ASA interim board, but Manyaka said she never heard back from him and was forced out of her office in Houghton.

A hearing was scheduled at the CCMA offices in Johannesburg on July 26, and while Manyaka presented her own case, no representatives of ASA turned up.

Manyaka received an arbitration award last week, with the commissioner in charge of the case finding she had been "unfairly suspended".

The commissioner went on to state that she was "suspended without pay for unknown reasons as she had not committed any offence".

ASA's interim administrators have been "ordered to lift Manyaka's suspension with immediate effect" and pay her in full for the period during which she did not receive a salary.

Manyaka has informed Stander that she will return to the office on Friday morning to continue her duties as an employee of the federation.


  • HalfRuling - 2010-09-02 16:47

    What happens tpo the perpertrators or those who abused their powers and humiliated the lady as if she is a thug. Why don't the commissioners also recommend punishment for those who abuse power and sub-ordinates/staff. This makes others to treat others badly because there is no repurcursions to them but the company or institution. Something needs to cahnge or must be done

  • war - whites against racism - 2010-09-02 17:21

    Or rather, in my humble view, personal one of course, how can she be OK for the job when it was one communications bungle after the next re poor Castor. I reckon the facts were not properly considered properly in this instance. I mean this women was employed as Communications manager, geez, never in the history of SA athletics has there being so much bungling by so many and then communicated so badly. I rest my case, She should be to embarrassed to walk back in there

  • Racerunner - 2010-09-10 18:52

    I guess, she will go just to embarass Richard and Ray. Surely, she has little interest to the federation now. The two old grey hair thugs have dragged her name into the mud and she's got nothing to do with ASA anymore. I will also go back for the sake of protecting my reputation and integrity. If ASA and SASCOC are clever enough, they should just propose a pay out. And according to sources, she is quiet expensive, hence they cry money constrains She must stay there and chow her money. Afterall, she was not hired by Ray nor Richard, but by ASA. Go gal. You have my full support and most of the people as well ... Be as much arrogant as they are ...

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