ASA meeting ends in chaos

2009-11-21 16:41

Johannesburg - Chaos erupted after the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) named an interim Athletics South Africa (ASA) board on Saturday.

Members of Central Gauteng Athletics who were not allowed in the meeting, said the provincial association had no mandate to nominate James Moloi onto the interim board.

"We will give a vote of no confidence against this board," said Mems Moosa, secretary of CGA's non-established clubs.

"This is an interim measure but democracy will have the last say."

KwaZulu-Natal members also complained the figures representing their province had no mandate, but interim board member and former sprinter Geraldine Pillay said the member associations were welcome to pass votes of no confidence within their provinces, adding that six more board members could be added to the nine elected on Saturday.

Pillay, who managed to settle the chaos caused by provincial representatives outside after the meeting adjourned, said she was not entirely happy with the make-up of the interim board, but hoped the state of the sport would improve following a restructuring of the federation.

Elite South African athletes said on Friday they wanted 50% representation on the board. Four of the nine elected are current or former athletes.

"I would have liked more former athletes on the board, but if this group works hard we can restore the image of athletics in South Africa," she said.

The suspended ASA board will face disciplinary hearings for their handling of the Caster Semenya gender fiasco.

SASCOC board member Ray Mali took over the ASA administration on Monday and will work with the interim board in mending the problems facing the embattled federation which is reportedly in financial crisis.

The interim board consists of Alex Skhosana, James Mokoka, Hendrick Ramaala, James Evans, Daan Louw, James Moloi, Geraldine Pillay, Peter Lourens, Blanche Moila.


  • jorge - 2009-11-21 17:35

    Another bunch of idiots...who gives a damn who they choose, another incompetent and ileterate lot...

  • Yvonne - 2009-11-21 17:59

    How many of the people on this board have been Athletes and achieved themselves. How many of them are capable and most important HOW many OF THEM ARE HONEST and reputabloe and HOW MANY are going to work for Athletics South Africa and the Athletes and not for themselves. WHO IS GOING TO MONITOR THE EXPENSES OF THIS BOARD, HOTEL STAYS TRANSPORT ETC... CHECK THESE QUESTIONS AND MAKE SURE THE LOOPHOLES ARE COVERED. Yvonne.

  • Al - 2009-11-21 18:02

    Its a bummer when there is no more gravy left in the gravy train.

  • Green Number - 2009-11-21 18:17

    The names Skhosana, Ramaala, Pillay and Moila on the board give me confidence. The others (no disrespect intended) are not known to me. It just seems to me that Athetics is best served by the likes of Blanche who has served athletics with quiet dignity and success for years. It will make a great change from the loud, thoughtless, plainly dishonest populsim that has plagued the sport since the likes of Chuene saw how much money had been put in the bank. I might even pull on my aged old Pegasus's (Pegusai?) and go for a celebratory run.

  • Alan Ingram - 2009-11-21 19:01

    Allie Barma is gone but some of his 40 thieves are still around Watch this space !!

  • Glen - 2009-11-21 19:09

    Jorge, before you can open your mouth, you must get facts. Ramaala is a renowned athlete and known globally. just google his name and you will see. He further has a law degree from Wits, James Evans - Law degree, Geraldine - watch sport on TV and you tell me about her skills.......

  • John - 2009-11-21 19:14

    Hey Jorge!...Get back on your couch, with your Black Label and your Springbok jersey!...Watch your sport from there!

  • SA Granny - 2009-11-22 08:26

    The athletes on the Board are fantastic and hopefully they are able to sort out this whole mess. At last we have athletes representing the interests of athletes. Great stuff.

  • Trainer - 2009-11-22 12:41

    I dont really care who has whta credential, masters of honours in law, engineering or sport for that matter. What should matter is that the athletics need to be build up from grass root level and starrt being competitive in numbers. Then get a honest team to manage suburbs wthin a region and grow this to the former glory it used to be. And sack the the one who in just for the money - sies man!; have some pride and let common sense prevail in our sports! And politics - F$#@ - off!!

  • Kaotsane - 2009-11-23 07:21

    I so wish more of the former retired athletes could have been involed, guys like Matthews Temane, Johan Fourie, Xolile Yawa, Dion Brummer, Wille Mtolo and the rest. These are the legends of Athletics because they have contributed a lot in this sport, and they have felt the pain of it.

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