ASA interim board elected

2009-11-21 14:44

Johannesburg - Nine Athletics South Africa members have been elected to an interim board to head the embattled federation, according to Eye Witness News.

ASA’s entire board and several of its senior managers were suspended in the wake of the Caster Semenya debacle.

Ray Mali, who took over ASA’s administration this week, chaired a special meeting at Olympic House in Johannesburg.

ASA members demanded a 50% representation on the body’s board, so that they have the opportunity to run their own sport and restore the image of athletics.

Four of the nine elected members are athletes including Geraldine Pillay.

Some athletes are not happy with the selection, saying that less than 50% are current or former athletes.



  • Mike - 2009-11-21 16:04

    A step in the right direction at least. It's time for sports men and women to take back control from politicians who care less about sport than feathering their own nests and boosting their political careers. South Africa has extraordinary and diverse sporting talents which has too long been supressed by politics -- both during apartheid and afterwards. The time has come for sports men and women to chart their own destinies. Only then will SA become one of the world's great sporting nations.

  • pv - 2009-11-21 16:47

    Why not put the "Piccanin President" in charge, he is so great, clever, smart, brilliant South Africa will win all the medals & all the competitions

  • Mike Jansen (China) - 2009-11-21 18:04

    Congratulations are in order, Geraldine and the other athletes elected onto the interim board. Let's TAKE THE SPORT BACK for all who put all the sweat, tears and dedication into it. Only allow administrators in who are prepared to do the same. Pieter Lourens is an example in point. Good start...

  • johannes ntsoane - 2009-11-26 08:14

    with regard to SA we will indeed became one of the world's great sporting nation.

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