ASA in turmoil over CEO void

2011-08-12 16:58

Johannesburg - Athletics South Africa is in turmoil over the appointment of a CEO to handle the day to day running of the federation.

An ASA board member, who would not be named, said on Friday that issues had been raised regarding Hendrick Ramaala's position at the head office in Houghton.

Ramaala, an elite marathon runner, was running the office despite sitting on the federation's board.

"As a board member you can't run the office as well," the source said.

"Who will take responsibility when something goes wrong?

"We need to appoint a CEO as soon as possible. I can't see how any organisation can function without one."

Newly appointed ASA president James Evans said similar concerns had been discussed at a board meeting.

"I raised the issue that we are not following corporate governance," said Evans.

The SA Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (Sascoc) suspended ASA general manager Molatelo Malehopo in November 2009, along with the entire board and other members of staff, which left a void in the running of the federation's office.

While all other suspended figures have either resigned or been banned by Sascoc, however, Malehopo is still fighting his case.

When the new board took over the reins of ASA in September last year, it was decided that Ramaala would run the office on a caretaker basis.

This issue would, however, be addressed with the appointment of a CEO, who would be independent of the board.

The source said decisions taken by the board were not being carried out by the ASA office, which left Evans to do all the leg work.

This had put strain on the administrator's day time job as an advocate.

The vacant position, according to the source, should have been advertised by Friday but was not drawn up by the ASA office.

Ramaala said the position would be advertised in due course as they needed to follow protocol.


  • tommy 2 - 2011-08-12 18:18

    Bring Leonard Chuene back then.

  • Zelda - 2011-08-12 20:24

    bring back the old SAAAU. that was the only time that athletics was something to cheer about!

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