ASA board call special meeting

2009-11-11 21:49

Johannesburg - The embattled Athletics South Africa (ASA) board said on Wednesday they would convene a special general meeting with the federation's members next week.

The board and several ASA employees were suspended by South Africa's Olympic governing body, SASCOC, last week.

Despite initially agreeing to comply with SASCOC's findings following a commission of enquiry, the board and suspended members have vowed to fight the Olympic body, which they believe has no power to suspend ASA board members and employees.

On Tuesday four provincial members - the Eastern Province, Western Province, Boland and Free State athletics associations - again called for the ASA board to resign.

The federation, however, will hold a meeting on November 21 to give members a chance to voice their grievances after ASA has been widely criticised for their handling of the Caster Semenya gender fiasco.

"The purpose of the meeting is for ASA members to pronounce on the leadership of the board," the federation said in a statement.

"It will also provide further opportunity for members to deliberate on matters as have unfolded over the past few weeks.

"The board believes that the outcome of this matter will pave the way for ASA going forward in the interests and to the benefit of all its members and athletes."


  • Gemsbok - 2009-11-11 22:31

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but how can a suspended board still call a meeting. Have they realized that there might still be 1 or 2 things they havent screwed up and wanted to finish the job?

  • @Gemsbok - 2009-11-12 09:03

    The SASCOC suspension is not legal. They have no jurisdiction over any federation's board. The only people that can suspend a board are the members of that federation. SASCOC tried to bar ASA from allowing athletes to compete internationally, which they can also not really do. They can only ask that the international federation of sport in question bar them from competing. The problem with ASA is that they changed their constitution when Chuene can to power so that it is virtually impossible for the board to be out voted. If all the province however turn on ASA they can suspend the board. Chuene however put most of his cronies as presidents in the provinces so most will not turn on him. The only real hope is that the IAAF ban ASA and suspend the board.

  • ASA Member - 2009-11-12 09:41

    The SASCOC suspension of the ASA board was not legal, but the SASCOC suspension of ASA as an organisation certainly was. So, currently the athletes cannot go to Commonwealth Games or the Olympics, as these fall under the SASCOC banner. It is also doubtful whether there will be ANY athletics as the Government support SASCOC and ASA receives all its funding from those two bodies and sponsors (which have also all withdrawn). ASA have not changed their constitution - it has simply been violated by Chuene. The Board can certainly be voted out by a simple majority vote - the problem is that the Presidents of the provinces have been placed there by Chuene, so it's difficult to get the majority vote. The IAAF can also not suspend the ASA baord, they can merely suspend ASA as an organisation, like SASCOC have done. To lift any such suspension (like the SASCOC one) the ASA Board has to go as SASCOC will not engage with the current Board. This has ceased to be about Caster Semenya, but is rather about the ASA Board selfishly clinging to power and not cooperating with SASCOC, to the detriment of the athletes.

  • @ ASA Member - 2009-11-12 12:16

    They did change the constitution. When the transition came from S.A.A.A to ASA in the early 90's. They changed so that the committee members also got voting rights, over which the board has direct influence.

  • ASA Member - 2009-11-13 09:30

    I agree that the constitution gives the commission members voting rights, but that does not constitute a change. As you yourself say, it was brought in when ASA started - it has always been ASA's constitution. Remember, though, that the commission members themselves have to be voted in first - they are not appointed by Chuene. The board may have influence over the commissions, but not because of the constitution - merely because of the way Chuene runs the sport. The commission members are elected and should vote independently of the board.

  • Wallie Whatyamacallit - 2009-11-13 20:48

    Chuene you are history, take Chris britz with you. A walker is in any cae someone who is to useless to run

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