SA diving hopes bellyflop

2008-09-05 05:26

Beijing - South Africa's Jenna Dreyer bellyflopped out of the Olympics with a failed dive on Friday.

Dreyer, 22, appeared to falter as she bounced on the end of the board but was too far into her dive to stop and bounded up into a forward three and a half somersault that she did not quite have the momentum to complete.

The judges rated it a zero points no-dive, killing her chances in the preliminary round of the 3m springboard.

As elite divers twirl and somersault through the air, with only the "splashiness" of their landing separating many of the dives for the untrained observer, it is easy to forget how finely tuned each move is, but a miscalculation can undo even the most seasoned competitor.

In the last Olympic Games in Athens China's Bo Peng and Kenan Wang were leading the points table when they failed to execute their final dive properly and the judges declared a no-dive, pushing them from first to last place.