Vettel targets more success

2011-12-10 21:24

Milton Keynes - From motorsport's glitzy gala in India to a victory parade for 60 000 frozen fans in England within 24 hours.

Sebastian Vettel's Formula One title celebrations are proving almost as testing as the season.

And the series' youngest-ever double champion wouldn't have it any other way.

Achieving so much so young is only putting more pressure on the Red Bull driver to maintain his success levels.

He says "being 24, it would be sad if you said, 'That is it. That has been the highlight of my life. From now on it's only getting worse.' I think that would be quite sad."

Vettel defended his F1 title by winning 11 races from a record-breaking 15 pole positions.

But he says "we can't lean back ... and think we will be fine next year."