Spanish GP under threat

2012-01-10 20:31

Barcelona - Catalonia's regional government says Formula One's Spanish Grand Prix is "under question" due to economic difficulties.

Spokesman Francesc Homs was quoted as saying on Tuesday that budget debts have forced a rethink about hosting the annual F1 race and MotoGP's Catalunya GP in the future.

Homs says the regional government is ready to share its spot on the calendar with Valencia, which has hosted the European GP since 2008. Valencia is also looking to renegotiate its contract with F1.

F1 has raced at Montmelo since 1991 and is under contract to 2016.

Homs says both GPs will go ahead as scheduled this year. The Spanish GP is on May 13 and MotoGP's is on June 3.


  • Steward - 2012-01-10 22:37

    What next? These "Austerity measures" will take them right back to the stone age. All to protect a currency that's been around just about a decade.

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