Ecclestone: F1 in SA by 2013

2011-12-19 13:03

Cape Town - Formula One will return to South Africa by 2013, according to Bernie Ecclestone, the president and CEO of Formula One Management.

According to the Sport Industry website, a South African Grand Prix would be the first since 1993, when Alain Prost secured victory at Kyalami. It would mark another step in the sport's global expansion, with venues such as China, Abu Dhabi, India and Singapore either returning to the calendar or appearing for the first time in recent years.

A Grand Prix in Sochi is also expected from 2014, the year that the Russian city hosts the Olympic Winter Games, while Bahrain is also expected to return to the schedule following the cancellation of the race this year.

The USA, though, is proving slightly more challenging for Ecclestone and his team, despite races planned for both Texas and New Jersey.

"Formula One will not be big in America. But Formula One will be in Russia for 2014, and in South Africa by 2013 even," Ecclestone told Al Jazeera English.

He added: "The USA has been slow to get F1 because they want to see a profit before they start."


  • Peter - 2011-12-19 14:12

    How much in backhanders did the government pay him for the grand prix, more of our taxpayers money used for profit of the anc is there no end to this nonense, use the money for housing and health and education instead of pleasure for these clowns

      Roberto - 2011-12-19 14:27

      Who cares, bring it on,

      cobus.fenwick - 2011-12-20 18:54

      You will never control the Govenment's money. They blow Billions on parties and the same on Aids. I would love to know who you refer as clowns? It would be the highlight of motorsport in SA again.

      cobus.fenwick - 2011-12-20 19:12

      Why did you come to this country 31 years ago?

  • Cameron - 2011-12-19 14:24

    I dont care how they get here..... I`m just happy they`re coming WOOOHOOOO yeah baby yeah :)

      cobus.fenwick - 2011-12-20 18:55

      I would buy the first ticket available!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lionel - 2011-12-19 14:30

    Monte Carlo style Formula 1 right here in Cape Town,wonderful!!!!!!!!!

  • Clive - 2011-12-19 14:34

    Peter, please go and live in a country where you will not have to moan and where everything is more rosy than anywhere else on earth. The reason why evrywhere else is more rosy and the grass is always greener elsewhereis because there is more sh&t on the lawn.

      Cameron - 2011-12-19 15:18

      clive I dig that saying and its sooo true :) lol's

      Heiku - 2011-12-19 16:39

      Hahaha excellent comment

      Peter - 2011-12-20 08:56

      Clive I came to this country 31 years ago and I WOULD love to see this country succeed but the way things are going its not happening, to many people like you who do not give a stuff and just living on the edge of a future wilderness in a great a great country

      cobus.fenwick - 2011-12-20 18:56

      Well said Clive. Let they bring the F1 to SA.

  • Cameron - 2011-12-19 15:23

    the last time there was a grand prix was when I was entering high school, I hardly remember it, I got to see the B.A.R team testing their car sheesh like 10 years ago at kyalami, man just seeing one of the cars go around takes my breath away :) I cant wait for them to get here, I dont know about anyone else but I cant afford to just hop on a plane and jetset off to other continents to watch my favorite sport. So yeah bring it and I'll be there grinning like a kid in a candy store :) :) :)

  • Jan - 2011-12-19 16:14

    Can't wait! Come on 2013!

      Peter - 2011-12-20 09:48

      Keep dreaming

  • Paul - 2011-12-19 16:49

    Yeah, it would great. I won't go to the bank on one of Barmy Bernie's promises, though. Check his photo: looks like he's had an underwear accident.

  • Kian - 2011-12-20 08:13

    is this a case of more hopes and dreams than a actual reality. i would love t see F1 back in SA but for us to raise the funds required doesnt seem likely at this stage.

  • Shelly - 2011-12-20 08:55

    A grand prix would still cost less than was spent on the "Arms Deal". Bring it on!!!

  • winstonejordaan - 2011-12-20 11:41

    I am up for big Int. Events, I do however believe that they must be "profitable", how we define profit can be fuzzy. So the question is where will the near R1b come from that will fund this, most countries fund F1 through government, remember F1 requires a clean circuit, ie. no adverts, so is hard to draw corporate sponsors. - F1 event in SA will NOT be able to generate more than R100m in additional tourism (re: World Cup stats if in doubt). - It would up the profile of motorsport in general drawing new sponsors (lets guess double existing sponsors, R50m) - It would give CT a new street circuit, lessons from Durban show this does not really bring a huge income, nor did it result in more Motorsport events using the street circuit (because it still costs 10's of millions to setup for a event). - The gate, at most R30m - ""Well there is the R100m going line peoples pockets"" So all-in-all I fail to see where this is good for the country. If of cause CT has a spare R1b in their bank, then this is ok by me, but National government should not have to fit the bill. We have to promote events that can draw sponsors money to supplement government spend, we have to see that these event promote more enterprise development in SA and have a sustainable impact on the economy and that the impact has a broad reach. So in short if F1 can entertain and provide measurable growth to the value of R1b, then I believe we should support it and government should invest. Please comment....

      cobus.fenwick - 2011-12-20 19:10

      Do you think that the Gov has any profit whatsoever in mind in what they do? The Soccer WC was not profitable at all! The ANC expenses in January 2012 in Bloemfontein for their meeting could not be profitable in any extend, renting houses for R50 000-00 per night? They blow money quicker than you could blink your eyes. At least we can get entertainment from it. By the way, to Paul: What about the roads to the houses and the hospitals and the schools. You should have been born in this country, like me, but keep on hoping like many others, it is not going to get better, unless we change it

  • cobus.fenwick - 2011-12-20 19:14

    I would like to buy the first ticket to the F1 in Cape Town in 2013.

  • Cliffie - 2011-12-20 21:11

    Peter. I won't gangbash you, but I went to the GP at Kyalami in 1992, won by Mansel;, 2nd Patrese and 3rd, Senna. There is just no way on TV that you can experience the same electric atmosphere. I can't wait for this to happen...I'll be there, if it does happen. Pray tell us where Paradise is. I'm sure between us working SA's we'll club together, to get you there.

  • - 2012-06-27 18:03

    I'll buy i ticket even if I cant make it. In fact I will buy six tickets. I love formula 1 and we are all ready paying for useless sh1t with our taxes. Might aswell get something out of it.

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