Stander's memory drives Giniel

2013-01-05 12:00

Cape Town - South African Dakar Rally star, Giniel de Villiers, will drive this year's race in memory of compatriot Burry Stander who was tragically killed after being hit by a minibus taxi on the KwaZulu-Natal south coast on Thursday.

VIDEO: Dakar Rally 2013 preview

De Villiers, 40, who won the car section of the Dakar Rally in 2009, posted a picture of his Toyota on Twitter on Friday, with an image of Stander clearly visible taped to his car.

De Villiers tweeted: This is in memory of Burry Stander who will be riding with us in the Dakar this year. One of SA 's greatest sportsman. 

The 2013 Dakar Rally starts in Peru on Saturday.


  • andre.maritz.773 - 2013-01-05 12:30

    Race well Giniel!

  • theMichaelHawthorne - 2013-01-05 13:36

    How about in memory of all people taken from this world before their time?

  • ArmandMTB - 2013-01-05 14:06

    Best sportmans ship Giniel!good luck to you guys!

  • - 2013-01-05 14:11

    Three weeks back Mandela was hospitalised

      peter.gibbs.5895 - 2013-01-05 14:31

      Who cares? He is a worn out old man. Burry was in the prime of his life.

      haydn.gawronsky - 2013-01-05 16:02


      sicelo.brukwe.9 - 2013-01-05 23:49

      Skeet and Hydin I know that Mpho took on cheap drugs but that does not give you a right to talk k**k

  • hendrik.petrick - 2013-01-05 15:46

    It is VERY IMPORTANT that all cyclist obey the 1,5 meter rule - please stay 1,5 m away from motor vehicles !!

      haydn.gawronsky - 2013-01-05 16:01


      gungets.tuft - 2013-01-05 16:06

      Spoken right from the limits of your IQ hey Hendrik. I get it from Mpho, he is a racist troll, your only excuse is that you are a drooling moron with not enough branches on your family tree

      peter.gibbs.5895 - 2013-01-05 18:13

      Well said Gun.

      sicelo.brukwe.9 - 2013-01-05 23:45

      My Broer next time if you have no comments just go and f*** o self outside because here we talking about someone who passed on while doing what he liked most and yet you become a lecture in traffic department. Excuse me people Hendrik is slowly getting out of hand and I can see he is a cyclist hater.*pissed off*

  • shuaib.manjra - 2013-01-05 16:14

    RIP Burry. Condolences to Cherise and the Stander family

  • sicelo.brukwe.9 - 2013-01-05 23:33

    Naai dit is mooi maan Giniel jy is mos 'n kwaai ou!!

  • calvin.korte - 2013-01-06 08:57

    What bad coverage on TV of first days results last night, they do more talking and adverts than even trying to show one what happened on the day, did not give anything on cars, results and nothing on trucks, very bad reporting sections, come on now in half hours covering on TV

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