Woods to help Haiti

2010-01-16 06:21

California - Tiger Woods plans to help with relief efforts in earthquake-stricken Haiti, the president of the Tiger Woods Foundation said Friday.

Greg McLaughlin said the foundation staff was evaluating "the most appropriate role" to help the Haitian people.

"Our plan is be part of the relief effort to help rebuild Haiti by supporting organizations that provide critical resources to young people, which is consistent with our mission and previous efforts regarding Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Katrina and the 2004 tsunami," McLaughlin said in a statement.

McLaughlin said he had not received any information from rap mogul Russell Simmons, who has said on Twitter that Woods is providing three million dollars to help with the recovery.

Woods has not been seen in public since a November 27 car accident that touched off a media frenzy over marital infidelity.

He said in December he would take an indefinite break from golf to address issues in his personal life.

Woods established the foundation when he turned professional in 1996. It focuses on providing educational resources and opportunities to disadvantaged youth.

Woods' foundation gave 100,000 dollars to tsunami relief efforts in 2004 through Give2Asia, with the money directed toward two groups providing sanctuary and relief to children.

It also gave the Baton Rouge Area Foundation 200,000 dollars to set up a Hurricane Katrina educational fund.


  • TAMGOTS!!! - 2010-01-16 08:09

    Way to go brother,god will bless you for that..

  • attie gerber - 2010-01-16 08:20

    it just shows you how people can thrive on bad things from a world class athlete like tiger woods. he deserves more support from the general public as well. people tend to forget the good things people like tiger woods does for contributing to the upliftment of dis-advantaged kids and when disasters occure. how much does the very public contribute that now wants to crusify tiger for one mistake made. ater all he is also human like everbody else

  • Shana - 2010-01-16 09:04

    That's kind of you Tiger, God bless and may 2010 bring you all the best you have wished for. My prayer for you is 'Do may God forgive all the sins you have committed'

  • thabang - 2010-01-16 09:18

    the tiger is back LUV IT OR HATE IT

  • mjs - 2010-01-16 10:47

    He needs to help HIM SELF first instead of ignoring his problems. His problems will not get lost in the ruins of Haiti and in the suffering of Haitians.He is defintely not going to buy his way out with easy money.

  • afzie - 2010-01-16 10:51

    just do it. do good only Tiger. missing your golf.

  • Richard - 2010-01-16 10:51

    We all are accountable for our actions, good or bad. Public figures more so than others as they are life's roll models. Or should be ! So Tiger was caught with his fingers in the cookie jar, so what ! He's not the only one. Him giving to others, is no different than Bill Gates giving more to HIV help in RSA, or anyone else for that matter. As some one famous once said, there should be a law to protect the public from the media's freedom of speech !

  • Dawn - 2010-01-16 11:46

    There is nothing he can do to redeem himself.

  • @thabang - 2010-01-18 08:26

    Please lose the chip on your shoulder. On the other hand, great effort from Tiger to support the earthquake victims! May God bless you efforts.

  • Baas Jan - 2010-01-18 10:50

    Laat ek nou maar my praat,praat oor Tiger se kapperjolle. 1. Die man BLY die beste golfspeler ter wereld.Sou hy ophou speel sal geen speler na hom OOIT weet hoe goed hy werklik is nie. Die vraag sal altyd bly? Is ek goed genoeg om Tiger te klop? Bid dat die man weer sal speel,anderste gaan golf nooit weer die selfde wees nie. 2. Die man is i mens. Laat 1 blikskottel wat nie geraamtes is sy kas het nie hom sleg se. Gaan ondersoek jouself ou perd! Jy's nie so perfek as wat jy dink nie!!! Gaan ondersoek sommer jou vrou ook!!! Wie weet........! 3. Aan al sy sponsers wat hom gedrop het.Kamtig nie goed vir julle image nie!!F@K julle. Die man is 1 van die paar dae terug op die golf baan. Moet dan nie gat kruip dat jy weer julle produk adverteer nie. 4.Aan sy vrou. Jou ottervelletjie is nie van goud nie!!!! Vat jou geld en F@#k@F ! 5.Aan Tiger. MEESTER! Kom terug!! Die golfbane is leeg sonder jou!!!

  • Jonno - 2010-01-19 12:03

    why does tiger need to redeem himself to anyone on this forum? And stop casting stones...what he does is his personal business, not yours Shana, and his relationship with God is his, not yours.

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