Woods ready for media scrutiny

2010-03-31 12:23

Orlando - Tiger Woods will not be distracted by the intense media scrutiny when he steps into the unknown at next week's Masters, according to golfing great Gary Player.

South African Player believes Woods will be more focused on the game than ever before when he makes his highly anticipated return from self-imposed exile in the wake of his stunning fall from grace at the end of last year.

Woods, who has not played competitive golf since his victory at the Australian Masters on November 15 following tawdry revelations that he had a string of extra-marital affairs, will face the Masters media at Augusta National on Monday.

"Tiger will have to deal with a much different kind of media pressure when he returns," Player, 74, said on Tuesday. "Throughout his career the focus of every interview was his golf game, now it will be on his personal life.

"This will be a challenge for him because he will have to answer questions that he is not comfortable answering, but I don't think that it will have a negative effect on his ability to win.

"Tiger has one of the best minds in the game and when you learn how to master the mind you learn how to win while dealing with distractions," said Player, a nine-time major champion.

"I really believe Tiger will return to golf and be even more focused and I would not be surprised to see him win one of the four grand slam events this year."

Woods, a 14-times major winner, became engulfed in a media frenzy following a bizarre early-morning car crash outside his Florida home on November 27.

As allegations of his serial philandering escalated, the world number one took an indefinite break from the game while he tried to salvage his marriage to his Swedish wife Elin.

Woods, a four-time Masters champion, said earlier this year he was undergoing therapy for sex addiction.

Player, who was one of golf's so-called 'Big Three' with fellow greats Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer in the 1960s, firmly believes the private lives of high-profile sports figures should remain private.

"The media, and the public for that matter, tend to get caught up in people's private lives far more than what I consider to be acceptable," he said in an interview by e-mail.

"Tiger's situation is a private matter between him and his wife Elin and it should remain that way. All too often our society puts athletes on a pedestal and then waits for the pedestal to crumble.

"Everyone is imperfect and everyone makes mistakes. The appetite today for sensationalism is incredible and our society thrives on it.

"I would much rather see our focus be about events or people who inspire us and help make us better human beings."

The Masters, the year's first major, runs from April 8-11 at Augusta National.


  • Cistas - 2010-03-31 12:57

    At least Tiger Woods admits that he has a problem. What about the trillion man who are cheating on their wives and getting away with it or claim to be following some culture that shouldn't be in practice given today's health issues

  • A MAN - 2010-03-31 13:55

    What about the women?

  • Boer - 2010-03-31 14:01

    CISTAS - what about the women race

  • Fanny Werwe - 2010-03-31 14:18

    How about the trillions of women who are cheating their husband. After all the name cuckold is as old as Britain itself. Imagine if the media would confront the queen of England about the naked Michael Fagan who was found in her bedroom inside Buckingham Palace. Remember we never heard his side of the story and if a newspaper tried to uncover this we would all be up in arms. If any reporter would try to go after Prince Albert of Monaco for the love child he had we would all be up in arms. The reason we are revelling in the prospect of major disturbances to Tiger in Augusta is because it would give Ernie and co a chance to win. We all know they dont stand a chance with a calm Tiger. They all know too. So, what to do, what to do? Get the b*tch to come and demand an apology on the green just before Tiger hits his 33 footer eagle putt. That should do good. If that dont work then get an occasional insult hurled from the gallery every 15 minutes. Tiger will, however, romp to victory and we (including the Boer nation) will be smarting in our pain for losing to him - even without training. I predict Ernie will finish in the lower third far below Goosen. If Tiger wins this one we will be yearning for another disturbance before the next majors but again he will romp through that. When it eventually comes out that one of our beloved players is gay and is being accused on forcing a young man to have sex we will say, "C'mon guys, lets focus on the game!!" What beautiful creatures we are. I did not even touch the fact that Tiger married a very white lady who is blond. That is another whole section of grievances and why some hoped the marriage was busted. No, Tiger's plane will NOT crash and he will set the all time record for golf within the next 16 months. Watch him go.

  • Shorts - 2010-03-31 18:46

    From tee, along fairways ( & into the rough ) and onto the greeen, the comments from the spectators ( sorry - patrons ) of ' in-the-hole' will take on a totally different meaning. Hopefully this will put the ' SOB ' totally off his game.

  • Jake - 2010-03-31 18:57

    He had enough steroids and human growth hormone injected into him to overpower Augusta. Check that bald spot growing. A sure sighn.

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