Woods not surprised by drop

2010-11-01 12:43

Yokohama - Tiger Woods says he wasn't surprised to lose golf's No. 1 ranking to England's Lee Westwood after a disappointing year.

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Westwood assumed the top ranking Sunday to end a record run by Woods, who had been the world's No. 1 golfer for 281 weeks.

Woods on Monday said that in order to be ranked No. 1 you have to win "and I didn't win this year."

Woods played an exhibition at Yokohama Country Club on Monday against Japanese teenager Ryo Ishikawa. He was on the way to the HSBC Championship in Shanghai which starts Thursday at Sheshan International.

Woods had been No. 1 since the week before the 2005 U.S. Open, where he was runner-up. He won the British Open a month later and his ranking was rarely threatened since.


  • William Shakespeare - 2010-11-01 12:48

    Never mind the ratings. The #1 golfer in the world is Jack Nicklaus. Any questions?

  • Numero Uno - 2010-11-01 13:04

    this is unfair!! how can Lee be no1 without touching a club. I still regard Tiger as the Numero Uno in da wolrd!!!

  • Richard - 2010-11-01 13:50

    errh William Shakespeare: No questions, but me thinks, thee/thou art looking at the late 16th century /early 17th century golf rankings :-) Whence, we are now in the year of our Lord, 2010... "But men are men; the best sometimes forget." But, "It is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.

  • Bloke - 2010-11-01 13:52

    William Shakespeare ? I have to disagree , Tiger is the best he only needs 4 more majors to get to the record , remember Tiger is only 35 and Jack won his final major at 46...Tiger is much fitter so he will be in contention for a long long time to come i would say another 15 years at least , and he only needs 5 majors in lets say 75 attempts is highly achievable GO TIGER

  • Wayne - 2010-11-01 14:01

    Would be nice to see an SA player at the top again. I think Tiger may be back though!

  • Mike T - 2010-11-01 14:02

    The only real opposition Nicklaus had was from Player, Palmer and Trevino. In this day and age anyone in the top 100 could easily win a Major on his day. Woods easily the best golfer ever.

  • progolf - 2010-11-01 14:49

    Tiger is the Hershel Gibbs of golf, talented but but consumed by passion, and sometimes even for sport

  • lump of coal - 2010-11-01 15:11

    Nicklaus made the cut in 24 consecutive Opens ...... now THAT is a record. As for Westwood becoming No1 without swinging a club .... is it beyond people to understand Calender ranking systems ???? Shame !!!

  • thabang - 2010-11-01 15:21

    tiger will bounce back he of the greatest in the world

  • @Numero Uno - 2010-11-01 15:46

    bro, obviously you dont understand the ranking system, it's based on consistent performances. you ask how can westwood be number 1 without touching a club, yet woods hasn't played since the ryder cup? your comment is just inane

  • Selan - 2010-11-01 16:04

    Lets not forget that since the beginning of the year its been Phil that was on Tigers tail. And look how that ended.The points call between 1 and 2 is slim, so with Tiger starting to shine again, its a matter of time before he returns to his rightful position.

  • Yes - 2010-11-02 08:16

    William Shakespear. Yes, Jack Nicklaus was a great golfer, but the competition was useless. These days, one has to fight hard to win. As for Westwood, he has been consistent for the past 2 years. A player loses points over a period of time and completely after 2 years. So, Tiger had more points to lose in October than Westwood even though both had not played. Kaymer did not gain enough points to be number 1.

  • @everyone - 2010-11-02 11:43

    Things in Jack's time and Tiger's time are world's apart, there's so many factors that changed, courses/layouts, equipment, compeditors. There weren't so many good golfers back then than now, sponsors, fitness, ect ect ect! I agree, Jack was good - for his time. Tiger is good for his, and it's not over yet. Like Bloke said, he's got a lot of time left not only to match Jack's major record but crush it, and it no-one in our lifetime will beat it, I'm sorry to say. Tiger will bounce back, he's strong enough. But otherwise I must admit it gets boring after a while, we need excitement and changes! That's golf for you, some you win, some you lose, almost like my putting - k*k! :)

  • William Shakespeare - 2010-11-02 12:23

    @ Richard (2010/11/01 01:50 PM). Ha ha... ! @ Bloke (2010/11/01 01:52 PM). Yes, times have changed but Nicklaus had the mental strength to win eighteen (18) majors. It remains to be seen whether Woods will have the mind power to beat that record - although there is no doubt he has the game. I hope he does, though. His game is good enough to deserve it. And, as for the rankings, with all due respect, Westwood has yet to win a major.

  • Richard - 2010-11-02 14:08

    All of us Tiger fans can say what we want about the competition in Jack's day v. today, number of years as top golfer, number of cuts made, etc. But, the No. 18 is the magic number or standard for being the greatest golfer to play the game. Jack Nicklaus is the greatest for now, unless TW can overhaul him in number of majors won. Let's see if he can do it. I just feel lucky to be around (knock on wood(s)) to watch TW try, and other great players today trying to stop him... It will be a real debate if TW ends at 18 majors, but somehow I think 1 major per year for the next 10 is not out of reach for TW. Pro-golfers don't reach their peak until mid-30's - TW is 34!

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