Woods not 'an automatic pick'

2010-05-24 08:03

Texas - Tiger Woods is not guaranteed a spot on the US Ryder Cup team and will have to play his way on like every other player, skipper Corey Pavin said on Sunday.

Woods, who took five months out of the game after his private life unravelled at the end of 2009 and has suffered neck problems since his return, is currently 11th in the US Ryder Cup points race.

Only eight players will automatically qualify for the American team's showdown with Europe in October in Wales, while Pavin will have four other picks.

"I'm not going to treat Tiger any different than any other player," Pavin said after the final round of the Byron Nelson Championship. "He's certainly not going to be an automatic pick.

"He's just going to be treated like everyone else. I'd love to have him on the team but I want him to be playing well," added Pavin, who said he had not spoken to Woods this year.

Woods has played only three tournaments since returning to golf from his self-imposed exile and just two weeks ago pulled out of the Players Championship during the final round, citing a neck injury.

Pavin does not know when he will speak with the 14-times major winner but indicated there was plenty of time to qualify with the Ryder Cup still more than four months away.

Woods has a relatively poor Ryder record of 10 wins, 13 losses and two halves from five events. He has been on the winning team only once, in 1999, and was absent recovering from knee surgery when the Americans ended a nine-year drought by winning the event in 2008.


  • allan - 2010-05-24 09:55

    If it was called the Ride-Her cup he'd be coach and captain !

  • Richard - 2010-05-24 16:11

    You know, I'm starting to agree with idiots like Allan who focus on Tiger's personal life, and not the golf. Let's focus on the personal faults of the pro-glfers, instead of their golf achievements. In 1966, Gary Player was quoted in a book entitled Grand Slam Golf in which he wrote: “ I am of the South Africa of Verwoerd...a nation which is the result of an African graft on European stock and which is the product of its instinct and ability to maintain civilized values and standards amongst the aliens. He justified Aprtheid all over America. He also stood firmly with the racist establishment during the Apartheid era when Papwa Sewgelum was accepting golf trophies in parking lots in the rain in the 1970s. Player also recently, in Mynmar, designed and was involved with a golf course, where the land was confiscated from poor farmers by the military. And don't tell me about Player's charity, the major beneficiary of his efforts are Gary Player's business interests. Then, there's Hansie Cronje, all have rushed to forgive in cricket.... Why the double standards? Typical white South Africa. Racism, if the race card fits ....

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