Phil won't 'bite' on Williams

2011-11-09 10:51

Singapore - Golf star Phil Mickelson steadfastly refused to be drawn into the Steve Williams race row on Wednesday despite previously being abused by the controversial caddie.

Mickelson, who was famously described as a "right prick" by Tiger Woods's former bagman and ridiculed about his weight, first tried to dodge the question and then flatly refused to answer.

"I think it was a very sly way to draw me into that and very well done on your behalf. But I'm not going to bite," he told journalists ahead of the Singapore Open.

Mickelson was on the receiving end of insults from Williams in 2008 when the caddie launched into a diatribe against the then world number three at an event in New Zealand.

And Williams, now working with Australia's Adam Scott, enraged the golf world and anti-racism campaigners when he made a racial comment against Woods at a function in Shanghai last week.

The 41-year-old Mickelson also shrugged off last month's drop to world number 11, which ended a seven-year stint in the top 10.

"I'm excited about 2012. I'm excited because I feel like I have some really good golf ahead of me and I don't worry about the rankings -- those will take care of themselves if you play well," he said.

"If you play well you don't need to think about it or worry about points, it just happens. I'm excited about the upcoming season."